& Life Sox

Sox that make a man.

& Life Sox from Japan delivers a fresh approach to a variety of retrospective designs that caters to everyone's style, whether eccentric or understated. Their collection is something anyone can have fun with without compromising on personal style. All products are proudly made in Japan.

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ACRONYM® was founded in 1994 by Michaela Sachenbacher and Errolson Hugh as an independent design agency with a focus on the unification of style and technology in apparel. Acronym has been instrumental in the emergence of a new generation of technical apparel products and users. Projects such as the Analog MD Clone jacket (one of TIME magazine's 'Coolest Inventions of 2002') and collaborations with companies including KHS Tactical Equipment Germany (equipment manufacturers for the German Special Forces), and W.L. Gore and Associates (the inventors of Gore-Tex) demonstrate Acronym's capability in both advanced styling and functionality. Early 2002 saw the launch of the limited edition 'Acronym Kit-1' and with it, the launch of the Acronym house label.

Acronym currently operates from Munich, Berlin, Tokyo, and Sumperk, Czech Republic.

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Actual Pain

Started in 2006 and ran out of a warehouse in Seattle, Actual Pain is the brainchild of designer and musician, TJ Cowgil. Playing with themes and tones that allude to black magic, the occult, and pop culture, Actual Pain was established at the forefront of the dark street wear aesthetic. The label has since developed to include the production of hats, jackets, legwear, and jewelry.


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The guiding principle of adidas Sport Performance is "Play to Win". Inspired by the motivation of founder Adi Dassler, Sport Performance brings passion for great products to athletes in all sports, allowing them to be faster, stronger, smarter, cooler and natural. The main focus of adidas Sport Performance is on five key categories: football, basketball, running, training and outdoor. 

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"ALIFE is a lifestyle based concept based on and within Downtown, New York City. Its focus is on art and creativity with a strong penchant for originality… even if that means stealing it. ALIFE's mission is to showcase, elevate and perpetuate the Downtown, New York City culture from which it is born. ALIFE cannot be defined by one cultural movement alone." - ALIFE

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Anonymous Ism

Built on the idea of creating unique products that are superior in quality, Japanese label Anonymous Ism has become well known for doing just that. The team of artists behind the label have established their goal as helping everyone find true happiness. With all products woven in Japan by masters of the craft, the attention to detail in each piece is truly unprecedented.

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From the company website.

"ASICS, an acronym derived from the Latin phrase, Anima Sana In Corpore Sano - a sound mind in a sound body. Staying true to the philosophy by which it was founded, every ASICS innovation, every concept, every idea is intended to create the best product. Our mission is to become the number one brand for the sports enthusiast. To accomplish this, we pledge to continue to make the best product; striving to build upon our technological advances and pushing the limits on what we can learn from the body and its needs in athletic gear. We pledge to bring harmony to the body and soul."

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Bandulu means fake, bootleg, ghetto.  Like that white tee from Marshall's with the name of some couturier, screenprinted in gold. That little bit of luxury gives clothing a story, with or without vanity. Bandulu believes in adding this quality to the clothes of our world, through upcycling and craftsmanship. Bandulu takes quality, vintage clothing and rejuvenate life into them through hand embellishments. Quality therefore becomes less about reputation, and more about integrity.  You know its real if its fake.

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The Barbour story began in 1894 in the Market Place in South Shields. Today the 5th generation family owned business remains in the region, with Barbour’s headquarters located in Simonside, South Shields.  Although it sources products from around the globe, Barbour's classic wax jackets are still manufactured by hand in the factory in Simonside with over 100,000 jackets processed via the central, subsidiary and local customer service operations each year.

In 2004, Barbour began to work with Lord James Percy, in the design and marketing of its flagship shooting clothing range - the Northumberland range. Technically advanced and highly acclaimed in 2005, the Northumberland Range won the Shooting Industry Award for best clothing product, and more recently, the Linhope 3-in-1 won the Shooting Industry Award for best clothing product, 2008. More recently he was involved, alongside Vice Chairman Helen Barbour, in designing the new Barbour Sporting collection launched for Autumn Winter 2011.

Barbour now has 11 of its own retail shops in the UK and a presence in over 40 countries worldwide including the United States, Germany, Holland, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, New Zealand and Japan.

There are now over 2,000 products across the two seasons and the collections now cater for Men, Ladies and Children. Broadening out from its countrywear roots, today the heritage and lifestyle clothing brand produces clothing that is designed for a full lifestyle wardrobe.  As well as jackets and coats, the Barbour wardrobe includes trousers, shirts, socks, knitwear and a range of accessories.

Nevertheless, in whichever area the company now operates, it remains true to its core values as a family business which espouses the unique values of the British Countryside and brings the qualities of wit, grit and glamour to its beautifully functional clothing.

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Barbour Beacon Heritage

Inspired by Barbour's heritage and country craftsmanship, this limited collection has been designed by Tokihito Yoshida and engineered by Barbour.

Beautifully crafted with a wealth of extraordinary features.

The Beacon Heritage Range is Barbour’s exclusive premium Capsule Collection for men. It pays homage to Barbour‘s tradition as a manufacturer of functional clothing. The Beacon Heritage jackets reference the design of selected archive pieces from Barbour’s motorcycling, fishing and sporting past.

The collection features functional and clever details and is – despite its slim silhouettes – very comfortable to wear due to its outstanding cuts. Alongside traditional materials, it also features modern, technical fabrics.

The name of the collection is based on the label which company founder John Barbour used for selling his wax cotton garments (oilskins) in 1894.

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From the company's website.

"The culmination Frank The Butcher's work in the streetwear / sneaker industry and a lifetime passion for producing music, BAU collects and packages all of Rivera's influences into a single venture. While a classic sportswear and street DNA is evident, the BAU movement is forward-looking. The brand philosophy, All is Fair, informs the tone of the brand’s message—nothing is promised and nothing is given - the world continues to spin regardless of the struggles at hand. Business As Usual reminds everyone to stay focused and not be deterred by naysayers.

Introduced via collaborative efforts in product and music with adidas, Reebok, Mitchell & Ness, and more, BAU’s brand cements Rivera's vision of a unified cultural production and gives it a fresh platform. Collaborations, apparel, music? All the same. You guessed it, Business As Usual. 

Featuring a distinct Wolf Mascot—representing the courage, loyalty, power, and strength to win—each BAU garment is designed and fabricated specifically for the brand."

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Be Positive

Footwear from the creative minds of famed Italian atelier Slam Jam. Fusing traditional high-end silhouettes with clean, sport casual outsoles, Be Positive has found a special niche in the market for stylish yet extremely comfortable footwear.

The idea of making Be Positive shoes was first conceived at the end of the ‘90’s, but the first collection was created only in 2007 to meet the need to create a low tech sneaker that could combine the elegant Italian tradition with innovative research and comfort.

Beauty & Youth

Leading Japanese retailer and brand Beauty & Youth is based on the concept of Beautiful Spirits & Eternal Youth.

The source of the beautiful spirit and eternal youth is created by the liberal conception and the traditional mindset.

B&Y's FREEDOM spirit:
flexible approach, sense of playfulness, natural expression with intellectual curiosity

B&Y's STANDARD spirit:
elegant, clean, trusted, healthy and trusted values

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Bedwin & the Heartbreakers

Founded in the fall of 2004 from his long-time stint at cult Japanese label Tenderloin, Bedwin is the brainchild of Masafumi "Bebetan" Watanabe.

The name derives from the nomadic tribe Bedouin whose people would roam the deserts of northern Africa.  Just as both style and function come to be reflected in the clothing this band of nomads would wear during their travels, Bedwin ventures throughout and creates only timeless, durable apparel with a minimal look that the wearer will never tire of in their everyday life.  The Bedwin motto is "Paramount Quality" and it is very evident in each garment with the attention to detail and garment construction that is second to none.

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You are here!

Please send an email to info@bdgastore with any questions, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Do not call the store; we do not have a phone. It's a lifestyle choice. Thanks for coming through!

- Bodega family

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Brooklyn We Go Hard

Predicated on the respective passions of two childhood friends, creators of Parisian label BWGH have soundly combined interests to create a collective which communicates their unique take on fashion and photography. Designing with remarkable attention to detail, BWGH incorporates some of the most meticulous manufacturing techniques and finest of fabrics in completion of their products. Going beyond the call of typical brands, BWGH strives to fulfill the role of a medium that sheds light on their artists through exhibitions in concept stores and galleries worldwide.

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From the company website.

"CASH CA was established in 1999. Although a young company, the founders have more than 70 years combined experience in high quality, luxury knitwear design and manufacture.

Before launching the CASH CA brand the team spent over a decade working hand in hand with factories in Inner Mongolia, nurturing traditional knitting skills and expertise with local high quality cashmere.

Over the years CASH CA has built relationships with local factories to enable us to provide a full range of luxury knitwear products from hand knits, crochet, chunky knits, intarsia and electronic jacquard knits."

In 2010, regarded Japanese sports and casual wear designer, Kazuki Kuraishi CASH CA to help direct their mens collection that is now known for knitwear and beyond.

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Cav Empt

Powered by the secretive yet acclaimed SK8THING - Cav Empt (aka C.E ) is a Japanese based label that projects premium offerings with an aesthetic that maintains its urban appeal. In conjunction with Toby Feltwell of Nowhere, the brand draws experience and know-how from the the same forces that made Bape, Billionaire Boys Club, and Ice Cream. We are proud to introduce C.E to the northeastern United States this spring 2013 season.

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The fine people of Meg Company -- responsible for bringing us Yuketen and Monitaly -- have introduced us to Chamula. Hand-woven or hand-knitted by native Mexicans from a small remote village in southern Mexico, Chamula products consist of exceptional knitwear, as well as intricate accessories. The knit items are made of Merino wool which comes from sheep grazing in the Mexican Mountains resulting in very warm and soft products. The accessories are produced from durable horse hair with hardware made of nickel and sterling silver. Due to the hand-making production processes such as dyeing and knitting, all Chamula products are truly original and unique. 

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Giving a shape to designs, dressing up the world.

Chup's socks are unique and colorful, featuring ethnic colors from all over the world. Making the most out of the capability of a stocking frame machine, Chup weaves excellent quality products paying great attention to details on color and design -- all of which are based on various motifs such as patterns, family emblems and textiles.

All is original from designs to color combinations. Despite various restrictions on its production of a stocking frame machine, Chup deliberately designs their products to offer a feeling of comfort to their customers when wearing, as well as to give a perfect shape to their ideal images.

Because of their complicated designs, Chup socks are produced in a limited number with half or even one third production efficiency compared to a normal production system. (A machine can produce from twenty to twenty-five pairs of socks per day.) Chup's special craftsmen deliberately make products with affection, adjusting size and scales depending on design, as well as carefully inspecting finished products in order to offer perfect satisfaction to their customers.

All product planning, development, and production by Chup are done in Japan.

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(From the company website.)

Converse is Sneakers. And Converse is Change. We started on the court and got adopted on the street. We began as a rubber company, transitioned to sneakers and boots, and then we found basketball and reinvented the sport. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker became the court sneaker; it stood for the game. From there we moved into other sports with new sneaker silhouettes like the Pro Leather, the Star Player, and the Weapon. The Star Chevron showed up and became another Converse symbol. And just when we seemed to be destined for athletes only – something happened.

Converse sneakers showed up in rock clubs, on the streets, on rappers, on icons, on rebels and originals. It became the sneaker of choice for individuals. From All Star to Jack Purcell to CONS, Converse doesn’t confine itself to one style or definition. Be who you want to be in Converse sneakers or clothes. An artist, rebel, rapper, thinker, gamer, skater, smoke jumper, freelance dentist, whatever. If you’re wearing Converse, you know who you are.

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Converse First String

The Converse shoe company has a long and rich history dating back over a century. Their most classic model, the Chuck Taylor All Star, is perhaps one of the most iconic shoes in history and has played a role in various movements such as punk, hip-hop, and basketball to name a few.

Converse’s First String product program was established to showcase a collection of very special, hand-picked silhouettes mined from the Converse archives celebrating craftsmanship, authenticity, and pure expression. With their more recent First String and (PRODUCT) Red initiatives, the company is able to collaborate with some of the most creative individuals and groups in our industry, including Hiroshi Fujiwara, Damien Hirst, Parra, Number (N)ine, and Gio Estevez among many others.

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Name literally translates to “coast and sky.” Parisian-based luggage and accessories brand extremely focused on architectural shapes constructed from modern fabrics. Read our interview with their Commercial Director for a more in-depth look at the brand and their story:


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One of the most influential and highly respected brands to come out of the Tokyo street fashion scene. Founder and creative director Hideki "Hue" Kimura takes inspiration from New York City and blends it with Japanese high quality standards and Tokyo street culture. Their motto -- "Street Tailor" -- means to mix the uncompromising, tailored methodology of producing high quality clothing with the conscious edge of functionality and flexibility found in American casual "street" clothing.

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deWolfe creates pieces that transcend both time and trend. Using only the highest quality materials, acute attention to detail, and the finest seam-finishes, deWolfe’s hand crafted products are designed to survive and to turn heads.  Within the collection of shirts, each piece draws from the same design elements, materials, and silhouettes, but no two are exactly alike.

Founder and designer, Gina DeWolfe, designs and constructs everything from start to finish, with her own two hands, in her Boston studio. She desires to create a collection that speaks to individuals rather than the mass market, which results in a personal and unique experience for everyone who choses deWolfe.

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Diemme hails from the revered footwear manufacturing region of Montebelluna in northeastern Italy -- an area widely regarded as having produced the finest outdoors footwear for local woodsmen and mountaineers dating as far back as the 1870's.

Although Diemme hasn't been around for that long, they are still regarded for paying a great deal of homage to its regional roots and producing high quality footwear that can also perform well for its original purpose. The company was founded in 1992 by brothers Dennis and Maico, hence the name Diemme as derived from their initials.

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Distinct Life

Established by Rick Williams (of Burn Rubber) to serve as a creative outlet for special projects and branding, having collaborated with brands ranging from Reebok, Saucony and New Era to Mitchell & Ness, Flex Fit and Chevrolet. The apparel line was a result of the agency created to coincide with some of the future projects. The brand theme is intended to be aspirational, clean, and informative. This first season introduces some of the benchmark ideas and qualities that will be developed as the company builds.

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Dr. Romanelli

Specializing in "personalization customization," Dr. Romanelli (DRx) revitalizes, revamps, and reconstructs clothing in a manner that is meant to tell the consumer a story. Widely known for his use of vintage pieces in his pieced together works, DRx's aesthetic is truly all his own. A strong reputation built on custom-design prowess and cohesive one-of-a-kind garments, Dr. Romanelli's brand today has become multi-dimensional machine that transcends industries with ventures including a multitude of fashion based works, music management, and marketing.

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Founded in 2010, DSPTCH was established as a design and manufacturing company that would provide affordable, functional and simple accessories for everyday users. While drawing inspiration from the tactical and military fields, the originating concept was built on applying the same meticulous design and functionality standards used for soldiers to consumer accessories and everyday items.

DSPTCH's goal is to provide functional, affordable and aesthetically-pleasing accessories to the growing global market and continue to innovate, re-think and challenge the afterthought and under-served.

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After their tenure at Moncler as President and Brand Manager respectively, Giampiero Vagliano and Stefano Rovoletto founded the Italian down outerwear company known as Duvetica. The term Duvetica combines Duvet (the French term for down) and Etica (the French term for ethical), which aligns seamlessly with the company's ethos - that all of their products contain down and their continuous effort to maintain ethically sound production practices. Following their launch in 2005, the label quickly gained clout within the Japanese market and the European thereafter. To each of Duvetica's designs the upmost attention to detail is paid, from the zippers down to the sewing thread, each element is meticulously though out and planned to ensure you are receiving a piece of clothing that qualifies as top tier. Each product is exclusively insulated with grey goose down, the most supreme of filling available.

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Eastland Made in Maine Collection

Crafted with Pride, in the USA

Since 1955, Eastland Shoe Corp. of Freeport, Maine USA, has been crafting shoes that represent their deep Maine roots and the time honored tradition of American made footwear.  Handsewn into every shoe is the Eastland family’s legacy of offering timeless products of the highest quality standards that reflect our Maine heritage.

The Eastland Made in Maine Collection honors more than 55 years of their commitment to upholding the art of Maine Shoemaking.  These signature heritage styles have been selected from their archives and remain true to the originals, spanning the past five decades of Eastland's history.

Using traditional Maine shoemaking principles, each style is hand-crafted using a genuine true-moccasin construction – stitched solely by hand and eye, by some of the most experienced shoe handsewers in the world.  Eastland shoes are made from the finest components available – authentic, rugged USA leathers; genuine leather soles; premium plantation crepe; true leather welts; and American rawhide laces. 

Eastland is proud to be one of the only family owned and operated American shoe brands still making footwear in their home state of Maine, USA.  The timeless designs of their shoes have been worn by generations of Americans who built this great country with true grit and ingenuity.  Crafted with pride in the USA – it is this rich heritage that inspires them to once again offer the Eastland Made in Maine Collection.

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Engineered Garments

Founded in New York by Japanese designer Daiki Suzuki, Engineered Garments first made headway in 1999. Balancing an aesthetic that is traced back to American sportswear and utilitarian garb, EG manages to capture nostalgia as well as modernity when it comes to fit and fabrication. Constantly evolving, EG has conjured up a loyal following- holding great influence over the industry while maintaining authenticity.

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Epperson Mountaineering

Epperson Mountaineering has been producing quality baggage out of Libby, Montana since the 1970s, originally distributed solely through mail order from outdoor specialist magazines. Founded by mountaineer Mark Epperson, the company utilizes tried and tested outdoor fabrics such as Cordura nylon, waxed cotton, and premium leather for their stylish, yet extremely durable bags.

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From the company's website...

"In an era marked by the standardisation of production processes, “quality” is not a term to be used lightly: it has to do with values such as tradition, handcraftsmanship, respect and an eye for detail. These have become rare values today, but that is precisely why they are a vital part of what makes a garment truly “exemplary”.

With this approach to production, which focuses above all on quality, the revival of tradition goes through state-of-the-art technology and emerges all that much stronger, more up to date and better able to face changing times naturally. THAT’S WHY EVERY CREATION BEARING THE “ESEMPLARE″ LABEL BOASTS SIMPLE BUT SOPHISTICATED LINES, choice materials and exquisitely crafted finishes. Most importantly, however, it reflects the passion of the people who made it.

Esemplare was inspired by the desire to forge a new road in fashion,  devoted to those who, day after day, travel countless roads physically and mentally, but always in utter freedom.It is this sense of freedom that has inspired the collection: those who dress Esemplare do it artlessly, considering it so much a part of their identity that it almost becomes second nature. As a result, NO TWO GARMENTS ARE TRULY ALIKE, BECAUSE THEY ACQUIRE THE PERSONALITY OF THOSE WHO WEAR THEM. They become something new each time, bearing an ever-changing message."

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Ewing Athletics

At a time when athletes were just starting to receive their own signature models from shoe companies, Patrick Ewing founded his own footwear imprint in 'Ewing Athletics.' Founded in his fourth pro season 1989, Ewing Athletics had released numerous models the through the early 90's including basketball shoes, cross trainers, running shoes and even hiking boots. The apparel line grew as well, from the tees and tanks to all types of clothing including leather jackets. Patrick wore the shoe during his 1990 season and enjoyed his best season as a pro, averaging 28.6 points a game, 11 rebounds and 4 blocks. Producing their last model in 1996, Ewing Athletics footwear had become a favorite on the vintage market, sparking a reintroduction of the line for 2012.

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Filling Pieces

Rooted in Amsterdam, Filling Pieces was established in 2009 by Guillaume Philibert in effort to fill the existing void between "haute couture" and "street couture." Classic and athletic design elements are infused into each piece, offering products that excel in both appearance and quality. Falling Pieces strive to connect people and styles.

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Born in 1850, C. C. Filson inherited his father's pioneer spirit and love of the outdoors. After homesteading in Nebraska and roaming the country as a railroad conductor, he moved to the small city of Seattle, Washington in the 1890's.

Filson's timing couldn't have been better. By 1897, the Great Klondike Gold Rush was on, and thousands of fortune hunters were stampeding into Seattle, headed north. Armed with a strong work ethic, a reputation for honesty, and several years' experience operating a small loggers' outfitting store, C. C. Filson was ready to stake his claim to fame.

Filson continued to make his goods from the best materials obtainable, and guaranteed every piece of merchandise. If he didn't stock an item a customer needed, he custom-made it for him. Filson's name became synonymous with reliability, satisfaction and honest values. By the 1960s, Filson' reputation as the premier outfitter for outdoorsmen had spread around the globe. In addition to being stocked by retailers of quality outdoor wear, Filson garments were being ordered by mail from places as far away as Greenland.

"The goods we quote must not be confounded with the cheap and vastly inferior grade with which the market is over-run. Such goods are not only useless for the purpose for which they are intended, but the person wearing them would be better off without them."

-- Clinton C. Filson 1914 catalog

Focused Space

From the company website.

"Focused Space is a premium brand owned by San Diego based accessories powerhouse, The Wheat Group.The brand was founded by the creative vision of the Wheat Group’s Chief Creative Officer Bryan Grismer, Focused Space is an exploration into the Fine Products of Efficiency. The brand was created as a journey into functional fashion; a way to keep everything in its place and to look good doing so. From the beginning of design and concept, Grismer’s goal was to elevate how we transport and organize our technology.The Focused space range incorporates some very personal inspiration for the Grismer Family that traces back to a family farm in Hosmer, South Dakota. “The Jacob Grismer and Sons silo dates back to the early 1950′s and exists today as a symbol of our family roots,” Says Grismer. “The Focused Space Brand is an homage to the era of Americana and the timeless aesthetic of modernist design. This celebration of heritage can be seen in such products the Elk Silo bag. Made of a woven upholstery fabric and fashioned to resemble a livestock feed bag, the Silo reveals unexpected constructions that stand as a salutation to America’s pastoral traditions."

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From the company's website...

"Folk is a London based contemporary casualwear label with four of its own stores.

Understated quality and considered detailing is at the core of the brand as we continually strive to make innovative but everyday clothing.

Charles Eames, the iconic furniture designer once said “The details are not the details, they make the design”. This is an apt description of Folk’s design ethos.

The design focus is on the combination of the quality of the fabrics and their fabrications, not being scared of using colour and our obsession with the minutiae of detail.

It is perhaps the small design touches that the brand has become best known for, constantly experimenting with new styles, fabrics, colours and details to maintain our innovative reputation."

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For All To Envy

A brand with roots in Cali, For All To Envy comes from the same clique that brought you La Brea's premium vintage retail spot, And Still. The label presents a line consisting of graphic tees that are full of retro flair that will be sure to get you feeling all warm and nostalgic.


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Futura Laboratories

Futura has gained notoriety as a respected designer/gallery artist for his abstract style approach to graffiti, as well as his place in history as one of the artform's earliest pioneers. He has worked alongside The Clash, James Lavelle, and Ben Drury to produce the artwork for several releases on Mo' Wax records, making his Pointman and Atomic Ring art iconic and legendary. Recently much of Futura's artwork has been channeled towards the production of highly collectible toys, and during the 1990's and 2000's, he was heavily involved with clothing/lifestyle companies such as Subware, Supreme, Alife, Medicom, Maharishi, Nike, and most notably Futura Laboratories. All garments are made in Japan.


Casio released the first ever shock resistant watch in the spring of 1983, known as the G-Shock. The G-Shock line of product was quickly adopted by athletes, military personnel, and outdoor adventurers of all sorts because of it's sheer durability. 

Ever since the introduction of G-Shock, the brand has experienced significant growth from year to year with many new models and updates to show for it, as well as an array of limited collaboration projects.

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garb | clothing or dress, esp. of a distinctive or special kind

store | a place where things are kept for future use or sale

Garbstore aspires to be and draws its influence from what can be coined “unfamiliar vintage.”  They aim to create familiar garments, not outlandish pieces, garments with a foot in the past and look to the future, nodding at a couple of things along the way.  With designs combining vintage and new materials, Garbstore’s collections create a look for the modern male that is painted with the past.  A direct reflection of founder Ian Paley’s keen interest in high quality, classic clothing that transcends today’s fashion trends, Garbstore is a must see for anyone interested in luxury heritage style pieces.

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Generic Surplus

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George Frost

George Frost is a unisex jewelry line founded in New York City and rooted in the past.  Co-designed by Lisa Salzer and creative talents Jon Sneden and Marlon Taylor-Wiles, the debut collection "Love & Luck" is meant to be worn and traded with loved ones.  Rife with symbolism and meaning, the jewelry subtly speaks but never shouts.

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"With care and love, our hand-knit woolen clothing will keep you warm through a lifetime of daily adventures."

Operating from a small studio space in British Columbia, Canada - Granted takes pride in their hand-knit products which derive directly from their surrounding community. The company self describes their style as 'neo-vintage' - pairing age old techniques in classic fashion with modern graphics. Predicated on ancestral designs, Granted focuses on contemporary styling and unique details.

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aka Badman Attire, aka Rap Game Terry Wogan, aka Irie Attire, aka Crenshaw Cartwheels, aka THE London Lifestyle Brand, aka Egyptian Crack Cotton, aka Babylon Bully, aka Funk incarnated, aka The Dark Side of the Sun. Since Grind London’s formation in 2008, they have focused on developing an honest approach to menswear, aiming to mix original concepts with the brand’s own roots and culture. Drawing inspiration from many aspects of London’s various subcultures (past and present), Grind aims to produce well-designed unique apparel that maintains the brand’s own style, attitudes, interests, and lifestyle. They currently operate through capsule releases, with each collection having a specific theme of choice which all items center around. Through a mix of nostalgia, UK cynicism, and an often US brashness, Grind aims to continue producing high quality items in limited numbers that can be worn and enjoyed by like-minded people.

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Han Kjøbenhavn

Lovingly conceived on May 1st of 2008 on the mean streets of Copenhagen, Denmark; Han is made of all the ingredients that form the fundamentals of Danish design. They've put simplicity and traditional craftsmanship in a blender with originality to create the shady characters you see today. Han frames draw their inspiration from timeless design. We're talking simple, but innovative and aesthetically beautiful elements. Han doesn't follow trends, but they do follow classic design principles.

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Head Porter

HEADPORTER was established in July 1998. HEADPORTER designs original quality products, manufactured by the acclaimed “YOSHIDA KABAN” (owner of the classic “PORTER” brand), and is celebrated for its history of outstanding products.

HEADPORTER’s unique and functional collection includes the classic “TANKER NAVY” series, which was specially requested by “YOSHIDA KABAN”, and the “BLACK BEAUTY” series, created completely from refined matte black materials.

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Head Porter Plus

Head Porter Plus is the apparel division of the premier Tokyo casual luggage and accessories company Head Porter (of Yoshida & Co.'s Porter label.)  Under the creative direction of Hiroshi Fujiwara, HP+ offers basic pieces with a "clean and sharp design, accenting outstanding quality with originality" and sophistication.

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Herschel Supply Co.

From the company website.

"The story of Herschel begins in the early 1900’s, in Wick, Scotland. Peter Alexander Cormack, a barrel maker by trade, and his wife Annie packed the belongings of their small home in preparation for the long journey across the Atlantic to Canada. The government of the time was enticing families to immigrate through the homestead program. They gave these families land to farm, to support the growth of the country. The land that Peter and Annie were given saw them settle in the beautiful rolling hills outside of the town of Herschel, whose population today is counted at 30 residents.

Over a century after that move, Peter and Annie’s great grandchildren remain in the business of manufacturing. Instead of barrels, backpacks and bags are now created. Herschel Supply Co. was started with the goal of bringing well-designed quality built product to market. Inspiration is drawn from vintage mountaineering, American heritage, world travel and fashion. Herschel reinvents these products with modern shapes, fits and feels, with fine regard for detail. Their product endeavors to compliment the consumer's passion for individuality and personal style in a new way. Herschel is about the past, present and future. They are creating an environment that supports the new generation of fashion forward individuals."

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Jason Markk

[Jason Markk] makes premium goods and accessories for the sneaker market. [Jason Markk's] goal is to fulfill the needs and wants of today's sneaker consumer by offering innovative, high-quality products and accessories. [Jason Markk's] mission is to become the most widely recognized and trusted sneaker product and accessory brand in the world.

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Journal Standard

Journal Standard is creatively inspired by classic American casual with a global point of view and a sense of the current, modern tastes. The brand represents a sensitive and flexible attitude, unaffected by trends and focused on creativity and quality. In summary, Journal Standard offers a suggestion of contemporary casual clothing in a modern world.

With more than 34 brick-and-mortar locations across Japan, Hong Kong, and Paris; the Journal Standard retail facet features the best of men's and women's fashion and basics -- a classic casual for the modern world.

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Pacifist military design since ’94. Hardy Blechman is head designer of maharishi, the company he founded in 1994. Blechman, whose former experience lay in the international military and industrial clothing surplus trade, started maharishi by producing hemp and other natural fibre clothing as well as recycling workwear and military surplus.In 2000, Blechman was named Streetwear Designer of the Year by the British Fashion Council. A second line, MHI,was launched by Blechman in 2001. In 2003, Blechman also set up a company producing non-violent toys. His flagship MHI store, DPMHI, opened in 2004.In his first book published the same year, Blechman explored the subject of camouflage in great depth. DPM: Disruptive Pattern Material won Best Book of 2004 in Wallpaper’s Design Awards issue and was one of The Daily Telegraph’s Books of the Year 2004.

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From the company website.

"Manastash is an outdoor brand, established in Seattle, USA in the year 1993. Its philosophy is to make the best possible clothing, using sustainable materials, such as hemp or recycled fleeces.

The Manastash Highlands which falls down from the great Cascade Range offers a wide range of outdoor sports such as ski, trek, mountain bike, rafting and kayak.

Functional, stylish and earth-friendly clothing, based on the free-wheeling lifestyle…

Mountains, rivers and roads… 

Manastash are connected in heart with all those people who continue to chase after their passion in the natural environment."

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Mark McNairy New Amsterdam

Having established himself as a staple in the menswear fashion industry since the 1980s with a resume filled with names from J. Press to Southwick, and now Woolrich Woolen Mills; Mark McNairy launched his eponymous label in 2009 entitled Mark McNairy New Amsterdam. Working with one of the UK's finest shoe makers, McNairy puts his own twist on traditional English and American footwear. Initially starting as a footwear-based line, New Amsterdam has developed into a full collection consisting of a mix of vintage military-inspired clothing. 

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Marshall Artist

Marshall Artist was founded in 2000 and quickly became known as one of the UK's best loved menswear brands. Ten years on and they're still here doing what they love -- creating quality modern-tailored garments. Since 2004, they have had their very own ISO-certified manufacturing plant in Vietnam with 400+ employees producing collections not only for Marshall Artist but for some of the world's best brands. This unique set up allows them to provide friends and stockists with product that is second to none. We hope you enjoy wearing Marshall Artist as much as they enjoy making it for you.

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From the companies website:

"ありふれたファッション性…。 どこにでもある機能性… 没個性的なバッグに右往左往してしまうのは、“日常”という ごく平凡な、でも大切な事が見失われているからではないでしょうか? 1994年に生まれたmaster-pieceはその“日常”で使う“目的”をファッション性をもたせながら、 ユーティリティーに溢れるデザインと機能性を高い次元で融合したバッグです。 国内外からセレクトした強度、撥水性、軽量性にこだわった機能素材やオリジナルのパーツを使用し、 異素材の組み合わせによる特徴のあるカラーリングをまとったmaster-pieceのバッグは、使えば使うほど 細かいディテールへのこだわりをきっと見つけることが出来るはずです。
また吟味されたセレクトショップとのコラボレートによるダブルネームでの商品も展開しています。 プロユースの機能性を持つデイリーユースなファッション性。 “日常”で使うからこそ、“目的”を明確にしたユーティリティーなカジュアルバッグ… それがmaster-pieceです。 メイドインジャパンバッグブランドのmaster- piece(マスターピース)は、 メンズのバックがまだファッションとして確立されていなかった 1994 年にスタートしました。以後メンズカジュアルバッグをファッションの ジャンルのひとつとして考え、時代のニーズと自分たちのアイデ ンティティを持って数々のシリーズをリリースしてきました。 ブランド創立14 年目の2008 年、現在の深刻な日本の工場事情に一石を投じるべく 自社工場 BASE OSAKA(ベース オオサカ)を設立。 背景までみえるものづくりとファッションとのリンク、 そしてメイドインジャパンをブランドの誇りとして掲げているのには、 長年日本の工場、職人の問題に向き合ってきたmaster-piece ならではの理由があります。"

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Every stitch has a soul. 

Created in 1997 by Yuki Matsuda of Yuketen fame, Monitaly takes its name from three of Yuki's biggest loves: his daughter Monica, Italy and the military.  The result of this inspiration is beautifully constructed pieces that pay homage to a bygone era of craft and clothing.  Full of soul and with a distinctive heritage feel, vintage shapes are updated with modern day silhouettes and a sense of the great American outdoors that permeates Monitaly collections.

With very limited production and Monitaly signatures such as the use of vintage military buttons, Monitaly is highly revered by those who look for silent exclusivity in the clothes that they wear as well as the longevity that arises from quality and timeless design.

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House of the seven seas

This is the meaning of Nanamica -- many oceans that actually form up into one, linking the entire world together. The philosophy is about uniting interesting things, created by people from different places and cultural backgrounds, not bound to any particular nationality or belief, yet aiming at achieving something which in time will become part of our daily lives, free from the obsession for trends or the latest fads. Timeless and spaceless items which can be worn all life long; function is their only common denominator. The technical seams, the details and the sophistication of cutting-edge materials make these pieces of clothing reliable and durable, the perfect choice also for collaborations with some of the top sports brands.

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Needles is the creation of Keizo Shimizu, owner and director of Japanese fashion umbrella company- Nepenthes. Initially a fashion distribution firm started in 1988, Nepenthes expanded to retail operations in Aoyama (1989) and established US offices in Boston (1989) and New York (1996). He became discontent with what was not available in the market. This vision led to the establishment of Engineered Garments (designed by Daiki Suzuki), and Keizo’s own designs in Needles, South2 West8, and Sonic Labs.

Drawing from historical magazines, past experiences and travels; Needles is Shimizu’s personal viewpoint on what garments should be, resulting in a bohemian/west-coast centric inspired direction. Built through the strong network and accumulated operations of the parent company, Needles is produced with no compromises, fully representing the aesthetics of Keizo and the creative source of Nepenthes. The Rebuild by Needles project is an extension of Shimizu’s unique aesthetic and presents an innovative interpretation of repurposed vintage. Deconstructing mostly American military garments, the collection is assembled in Japan, reworking pre-owned garments into original new pieces, transforming the deadstock into the avant-garde.

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New Balance

New Balance began as a Boston-based arch support company in the early 1900's, developed into a specialized shoe manufacturer in the 1970's, and has grown to become a leading global athletic products company. Today New Balance boasts a family of other brands in its portfolio, including Dunham, PF Flyers, Aravon, Warrior and Brine. Since the days when the founder, William Riley, and his partner, Arthur Hall, began selling shoes and arch supports to police officers, waiters and other workers forced to spend great part of the day on their feet, New Balance has focused on understanding and satisfying the needs of its customers.

The philosophy "Endorsed by no one" derives precisely from this mission and it highlights that a superior quality product sells much more due to its technical qualities and characteristics rather than due to a sports celebrity who is paid to wear it. This was a choice New Balance made in the '90s and never regretted. Part of producing superior footwear and athletic apparel is manufacturing it to fit all widths and sizes, because a better fit produces better performance. To ensure the best fitting, best performing shoes and apparel, NB has always focused on improving our technology and production methods.

The brand has maintained five manufacturing facilities in the USA and the English facility Flimby (UK), which the brand opened in the '80s to combine "Research & Development" with "Production", relying on the highest production standards and testing and intervening on the products in real time. For over 100 years New Balance has continued to manufacture high quality athletic footwear, whilst remaining faithful to a core set of company values that include integrity, teamwork and total customer satisfaction.

This is New Balance; a company that does not want to become the number one sports brand in the world, but rather the best. 

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Nigel Cabourn

Each collection has a real story, sense of history and integrity underpinned by the highest level of quality.


Nigel Cabourn, a fashion industry vet of over 40 years, designs with a style that ultimately derives from his affection for vintage wares. With a vast collection of vintage pieces serving as a point of reference, Cabourn's look possesses a traditional military aesthetic whilst maintaining modern relevance. The brisk conditions of Northern England have naturally made outerwear their specialty and Cabourn's passion for versatile fabrication has opened doors to some of the most heralded manufacturers in the UK and Japan.

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Nike Sportswear

Nike Sportswear, or NSW in short, is the high-end lifestyle collection from the iconic American brand. With pieces that can easily be worn on or off the field, the NSW collection embodies a modern and fashionable yet functional aesthetic that does not stray far from Nike's athletic origins.

Within the NSW umbrella are mini-collections such as Jun Takahashi's GYAKUSOU collection -- which combines Jun's functional design aesthetic with Nike's performance innovation expertise -- and the "Made in Italy" collection, fusing NSW staple pieces with Italian craftsmanship and fabrics.

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Nike Tier Zero

The upper echelon in Nike footwear products, Tier Zero represents design experimentation at its best with athletic performance and lifestyle. Whether it be working with the industry's elite creative figures or implementing newly introduced fabrications or silhouettes, Nike's Tier Zero line offers the pinnacle in Nike footwear and is limited to select exclusive boutiques worldwide.

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Norse Projects

The mark of true luxury is not the grand gesture, but the simple things done well.

Created to improve life. Good for all seasons.

Norse Projects was established in 2004 in the cold city of Copenhagen, Denmark.  The goal was to create a truly international shop in Denmark which combines street, classic workwear, and fashion culture; all the while immersing itself in the best of it. Today Norse Projects is widely recognized as one of Copenhagen's finest shops.  With a goal to always be at the forefront of the scene, displaying a hand-picked selection of clothing and footwear from around the world.

In 2009, Norse Projects released their inaugural clothing collection available in select retail stores around the world. And in the autumn season of 2010, Bodega is proud to introduce Norse Projects to New England. The collection is inspired by their local weather, natural surroundings, tailoring traditions and fashion.  The pieces can be described as basic and functional workwear but with a Scandinavian twist. Aside from the headwear being produced in one of America's oldest hat factories, the entire collection is designed in Denmark and constructed in Europe, with shirts made in Portugal and knits in both Italy and Portugal.

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From the company website.

"ONLY NY INC. is an independent brand based out of the West side of Manhattan that offers quality goods, released in limited quantity. By combining innovative design with quality apparel, ONLY NY strives to create classic, timeless clothing. Since 1997 we have been heavily involved with NYC's underground street culture. From years of skateboarding & writing graffiti, to sporting old school Polo and North Face, ONLY NY Embodies our roots and has been 10 years in the making. Our brand represents the hood to Park Ave. and everything in between. If you're down with New York, you're down with ONLY NY."

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Original Fake

Established as a joint collaborative effort with famed grafitti artist Kaws and Medicom JP. With the creation of the Original Fake store in the Aoyama district of Tokyo came instantly one of the most sought after brands in recent times. Born in 1974 in Jersey City, NJ, Kaws currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. His work has become iconic, and he has become one of the most heralded and prolific artists from the recent class of savvy street artists. He has done design work for some of the biggest brands around, including A Bathing Ape, Nexus VII, Levi's, Comme des Garçons, and many more.

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Creative duo Frank The Butcher Rivera and Barmak Badaei have comprised the brand Ownsake with the core focus on quality garments. Using Japanese mill fabrics, the brand applies their exclusive designs to assemble the collection. The outcome truly expresses the brands intent to harvest the vibe of modern menswear.

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(From the company website.)

We grew up obsessing about and refurbishing antique and vintage luxury items in the basement of our father's antique shop on Western Avenue in Hollywood. We learned from our grandfather, who made custom men's suits by hand in the back of his Haberdashery on West Grand Boulevard in Detroit. We have watched, with disdain, as small runs have become mass-production, as domestic artisan craftsmanship morphed into an outsourcing free-for-all, as style went from true to garish, and as quality gradually ceased to be discussed.

We remember when luxury goods grew richer and more luxurious with time and use, and when spending extra for something special meant you were buying something that would last forever. Instead of watching things go in the wrong direction, we are helping them come back to truth.

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(From the company website)

Penfield was established in Massachusetts in 1975 and have built a reputation for making the highest quality down-filled jackets, fleece and outerwear.

Penfield garments are designed to stand up to the demands of the New England climate, yet are equally at home sheltering you from the storm anywhere wind blows or rain falls!  Our garments are made by people who know and love the outdoors.  Fashion, function, practicality and durability are the key elements incorporated into every design we manufacture.

Penfield will give you warmth in a variety of weather conditions, active comfort without restrictions, and years of superior performance.  Penfield down-filled product has consistently set new standards within the outdoor industry.  Our premium 80/20 goose down (80% down, 20% feather) cannot be beaten for near weightless comfort and easy care.  Naturally breathable Teflon™ and DWR coated down-proof outers are tremendously strong, yet crisp in hand and color, shed water easily and provide the focus for a product that appeals to a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts.  Our Teflon™ and DWR coated breathable Ripstop fabrics are engineered to be incredibly light and yet super-strong, resistant to virtually anything the elements might throw at you.  Penfield works constantly to improve and develop new fabric and garment innovations, exemplified in our 'Expedition' & 'Black Bear Series' product with features to protect you in the most extreme conditions.

Whatever the situation calls for, there is a perfect Penfield for every need.  We trust that you will find satisfaction and comfort year after year from any Penfield product you purchase.

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Established in 2004 by ex-Silas production manager Gareth Skewis, Pointer was created with the aim of making simple, well-designed casual shoes in response to a market then saturated with increasingly technical trainers and hyped-up limited edition sneakers. Pointer employs people it likes, from artists to interns, and insists these employees train at legendary UK shoe company John Lobb to better understand the history of footwear dating back to the 1800s, from Oxfords to Derbys. The company believes it is important to have a deep knowledge of the past in order to move forward and further progress with updated designs. Based in London, Pointer is backed by a creative stable of friends and co-conspirators, inspired and informed by everything from art and music to skateboarding and breakfast.

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Founded in the city of Malmö, Sweden by legendary Swedish skateboarder, brand mastermind, and all-around artist Pontus Alv; Polar has emerged as one of the leaders in the underground skate scene by focusing on its core DIY mentality. The brand has already collaborated on designs with such independent European artists as Jacob Ovgren and Stefan Narancic, among many others.




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Property of...


Property of... is a collection of men's bags & accessories that was launched in Autumn 2006 by cafe owners & design collaborators Peter Teo & Richard Chamberlain.


The brand name 'Property of...' was crafted to refer to the identity of the product owner rather than to a designer. This is reinforced through our signature 'Identity Tag' labelling and further highlighted by 'Names & Faces' ID visuals.


The collection was conceived in cafes over many cups of coffee and further developed around the simple idea of creating useful, well-made and considered products that reflect the designers interest in a clean function led design aesthetic.

Design Philosophy:

Whilst appreciating and being informed by the construction and function of classic men's bag and accessories, the Property of.. team endeavors to create its own design identity incorporating the best of old and new design values. Bags and small goods are formed to be practical and reliable whilst reflecting modern needs and use with pockets, details and hardware placed and sized accordingly.


Our products are formed using traditional hard-wearing materials such as waxcloth & vegetable tanned leather which are used alongside contemporary coated tarpaulins and distressed canvas.

Team Locale:

The brand's small creative team is based from their design studio & workshop in Singapore.


Founded in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler, Puma has grown to become a worldwide athletic empire, all the while remaining innovative and fashion-driven.

Working with one of fashion's most acclaimed and daring designers -- Alexander McQueen -- the AMQ by Puma collection takes McQueen's high profile sense of style and combines it with Puma's sleek and sensible charm.  The collections continues to push the boundaries of sport-fashion every season with its innovative styles.

Rudolf Dassler registered the first Puma logo in 1948, which features the animal jumping through a slim letter "D" (for Dassler).  This logo is experiencing a revival with the Rudolf Dassler Schuhfabrik collection.  The designs focus on the heritage of the company, which the strong and charismatic Rudolf Dassler founded more than 60 years ago.

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Raised by Wolves

Founded in Ottawa, Canada in 2008, Raised by Wolves operates as a street based brand that is today headquartered in Montreal. With most of their product produced between the USA and Canada, their aim is to offer goods of the greatest quality.

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Ransom was founded in Canada as a destination retailer renowned for pioneering a unique point of view that skillfully meshed their outlook and lifestyle to the brands and goods they carried. Offering an international brand selection, the clothing is expertly curated at its stores across Canada for their devout and informed clientele. Ransom evolved into designing and manufactures a modern collection of apparel and accessories available at its own stores and select retailers worldwide. In 2009, Ransom set out to design and enter into creation and design of footwear. Never remaining quiet and always looking to innovate products that suit their lifestyle, Ransom draws from a lifetime of unique experiences to shape itself.


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Rascals’ is a Danish street brand founded by two brothers in the great city of Copenhagen. The brand emerged in 2008 from the underground fixed gear bike culture and started out with a small collection of polyester track pants and hoodies meant for riding. Rascals’ doesn’t have a grand story or heritage, hence their motto “No History.” The main idea behind Rascals’ is to create an approachable street brand capturing the contemporary spirit of Copenhagen and its people.

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J.W. Foster and Sons was started in 1895 with the intention of making a product that allowed athletes to run faster. After Joseph William Foster introduced the track spike through this company, they quickly gained an international following, outfitting athletes from all over the world for the Olympic Games. In 1958 when the two grandchildren of Foster sought out to create a companion company, Reebok was born. 

Today, Reebok operates as an American-inspired, global brand that creates and markets sports and lifestyle products built upon a strong heritage and authenticity in sports, fitness and women’s categories. The brand is committed to designing products and marketing programs that reflect creativity and the desire to constantly challenge the status quo.

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Rockwell by Parra

From the mind multi-talented Dutch artist Parra, Rockwell has emerged. Translating Parra's distinctive illustration and design style to a solid selection of tees, outerwear, accessories, and artwork - the brand consistently brings it season after season.

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(from the company website)

At Saucony, we exist for runners. Runners inspire us, bring us new ideas, force us to be better. They drive our design and engineering. They keep us competitive. They keep us hungry. They keep us honest.

Whether it's in a conference room or out on a lunchtime run, we're constantly talking about and arguing about our sport, runners and the products that fuel them. We love our products and we run in everything we make.

This focus and passion fuels us as we strive to create the best running shoes and apparel on the planet. We leave work each day knowing we've done everything to make runners' lives just a little bit better.

At Saucony, a good day is when we get to run. A great day is when we inspire someone else to run.

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Saucony Elite




Saucony Elite is a boutique line of high-end trainers made exclusively for the Japanese market. They are made with premium materials and are limited to 300 pairs per style. They are designed by the Bodega design group for Saucony worldwide. 

NOTE: There are very few larger sizes due to the fact that it is primarily for the Japanese market.

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A simple experiment with nature.

Born from the limb of a Mandrone tree, a rusty pair of cabinet hinges, and lenses from the corner store, Shwood has been a curious endeavor from the beginning. An endeavor to create a product that encompasses the individuality and uniqueness found only in natural surroundings. A desire to experiment with design, materials, and aesthetics in the search for something that works. Free from passing trends, the brand’s focus remains that of its roots, innovation and creation. Long live creativity.

Shwood’s in-house manufacturing process merges precision technology with classic skilled craftsmanship to create a timeless art form. Every step from veneering and precision lens cutting, to shaping and finishing is conducted in Shwood's own Portland-based workshop to promise an entirely handcrafted eyewear piece. Wood manipulation is kept to a minimum in order to showcase the medium’s natural and unique splendor. All models are accompanied by 100% UVA/UVB protection Carl Zeiss lenses imported from Italy. Polarized lenses are also available.

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South 2 West 8

Established by Nepenthes Co., Ltd. in 2003, South 2 West 8 has produced classic American styled sportswear and accessories exclusive to Hokkaido, Japan for close to a decade. Landing on North American retailer's shelves for the first time this fall, the bag collection is full of functional and timeless pieces that are bound to suit any need. A range highlighted by new fabrications for this season, the varying sizes, colors, and builds of South 2 West 8 bags are being highlighted by use of Cordura and ballistic nylon, among other materials.

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Stone Island

From the company's website.

'A culture of research, experimentation, function and use are the matrixes that have always defined Stone Island: the sportswear brand established in 1982, designed to become a symbol of extreme research on fibres and textiles, applied to an innovative design. Season after season, it is through the study of form and the “manipulation” of the matter that Stone Island has found its own language with the aim of establishing new boundaries in the world of garment making.

The study of uniforms and of work wear, its evolution according to new requirements of use, has become Stone Island’s observation post for defining a project in which the clothing item’s function is never just aesthetic. An ongoing investigation, thorough and without frontiers, on the processing and ennobling of fibres and textiles, leading to discover materials and production techniques never used before in the clothing industry.

All the accumulated knowledge and experience, an inalienable heritage, on which great part of Stone Island’s know-how is based, is kept in the historical archive that collects the trial tests, and the recipes for textile dyeing and handling that have been developed by all those people who have worked on this project with passion.'

About AW '013'014

'A structured and performance driven collection. Leisure e Sport influences, combined with elements deriving from the military world in the endless play of shape and function. Stone Island studies three-dimensional elements. An investigation that involves materials, techniques, treatments, dyes besides the architecture of the garments. The exaltation of garment dyeing and garment over-dyeing. Accurate recipes for matching tones or to obtain the same identical shade of colour for garments in Mix Fabric. An investigation of Camouflage, with a pattern exploding in three different sizes, used alone or in combination within one garment and over-dyed to achieve specific hues.'

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Stone Island Shadow Project

(From the company website.)

'STONE ISLAND SHADOW PROJECT began as a discourse between Sportswear Company owner and creative director Carlo Rivetti and the design team of Michaela Sachenbacher and Errolson Hugh, also known as ACRONYM®. As a platform for exploration, the SHADOW project rapidly evolved into a system based program for a new generation of urban masculine apparel. Thanks to Stone Island’s incredible historical archive, and its unparalleled forward development resources, ACRONYM® sought to conceive a project according to their strong technical and performance based roots. The result is a unique and unprecedented fusion. A fresh and intelligent new light cast upon the timeless interplay of form and function. Calling the project SHADOW underlines the intimate relationship and interaction between this work and the full body of the STONE ISLAND collection.'

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A legacy that dates back to the 1980's, Stussy was started by Shawn Stussy in Laguna Beach, CA. With heavy roots in the surf and skate culture, Stussy was shortly thereafter adopted by the likes of DJ and hip-hop artists worldwide. A true staple in hip-hop and 'street' culture, Stussy continuously manages to push the envelope and for good reason their presence today spans the globe with chapter stores in all major cities.

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Stussy Deluxe

Driven by a rising of the bar best exemplified by Japanese streetwear brands which have long offered high end takes on street classics, the Stussy Deluxe collection has a quiet subtlety and wide reaching appeal. With cornerstones of streetwear’s roots; military uniform, classic workwear and the ease of action sports, familiar silhouettes are cut from premium fine twills and combed cotton. Attention to detail is paramount here along with understated embroideries and branding. The collection is rounded out with a restrained palette of clean solid colors. Stussy Deluxe is at once timely and classic.

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Sunday Somewhere

Sunday Somewhere is the brain-child of eyewear aficionado's, Dave Allison and Carlos Aviles. Late in 2010, the duo decided to join forces with a singular vision of creating an eyewear and optical collection focused upon detail, quality, simplicity and originality.

Sunday Somewhere's aesthetic is influenced by both the past and future. With references to classic vintage frames, intricate modern detailing and futuristic materials, the finish is practical, a wearable modernity. This 'classic with a twist' collection makes Sunday Somewhere fresh, covetable, timeless.

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SUPER, by RETROSUPERFUTURE®, ignited the phenomenon of acetate sunglasses. They are made in multiple color graduations, which has generated a big trend starting in 2007. SUPER is the first brand to produce a complete range of colorful fashion sunglasses, combining these characteristics together with a very high quality manufacturing process. SUPER sunglasses are made to the highest possible standards, hand made in Italy by the best manufacturers and with the best materials. For this reason, SUPER also decided to adopt ZEISS lenses, which guarantee an extremely high level of protection to the eyes in all conditions. Since their introduction, artists, celebrities, sports athletes and trendsetters have been wearing SUPER sunglasses. Kanye West, Daft Punk, Who Made Who, Justice, Pedro Winter (and his “Ed Crew”), Simian Mobile Disco, CSS, St. Vincent, The Kills, Elio Fiorucci, Sienna MIller, Jessica Alba and Valentino Rossi are just a few who have been seen sporting a SUPER.


Founded in 2006 by Angel Cabada, Supra is a footwear and clothing imprint inspired by music, skateboarding, art, and urban culture as a whole. With their fashion forward designs and street sensibilities, Supra continues to progress and grow as a premier brand rooted in the skate scene.

Tanner Goods

Utilizing the most premium leather and canvas sourced domestically in America, Tanner Goods produces hand-crafted goods with time tested tools and heritage techniques.

Tanner Goods is comprised of a small team of craftsmen who produce every piece by hand in their Portland, OR studios. They utilize the same tools that have been put to work for decades manufacturing heritage leather goods, and in many cases have sought out antique equipment that produce the best results. All of the sewing is done by a heritage saddle maker who started as an apprentice in the industry in 1964. For the past 45+ years, he has been honing his craft and has been generous enough to pass along his knowledge and skill to the rest of the Tanner Goods team.

Every piece Tanner manufactures is constructed from premium, domestically sourced material. The leather goods are cut from vegetable tanned English Bridle American leather, renowned for its ability to age beautifully and gain character over years of use. Traditionally used in saddlery and heritage leather goods, English Bridle leather gains color and marks of distinction like no other leather.

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From the company website.

"Ten c, The Emperors New Clothes, introduces the forever collection. The original fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen tells of looking beyond what you are told to see and to value what is truly there. The ability too see past the fashion media barrage is a new interpretation of the original fairy tale.

Ten c. Seven pieces that wear no labels either inside or out. They ask to be loved for what they are. Pieces that last forever. These timeless and iconic jackets are created to live and age with you, and the incredible Japanese jersey will, with time, mould itself almost imperceptibly to you. It will become part of your life’s story like the dented wristwatch from when the Bungy broke and would have broken your arm had you not being wearing that watch. The tent that wears the scars of every event it has ever been to with you. That pair of jeans you just cannot throw away. They will become exclusively yours.

Ten c believe that by applying the true values of craftsmanship and creating garments that are conceived to last all your life, they can in some way help, and this comes from the bible of real environmentalists, in the elimination of waste. They are talking about caring. And quality.

Ten c is designed by Alessandro Pungetti and Paul Harvey and is made exclusively in Italy. One fabric. Four colours. Seven jackets. Forever."

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The Quiet Life

The Quiet Life was founded in 1997 by Andy Mueller with a few people from his first endeavor - OhioGirl Design which operated as a design, photo, and film studio. Based in Los Angeles, The Quiet Life collectively represents an apparel and accessories project put forth by a group of friends who all maintain interest in visual arts. Their team is made up of Andy Mueller, Jennifer Pitt, and Anthony Garcia.

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From the company website:

Urbanears is a collective out of Scandinavia, motivated by a common interest in global relationships and shared involvement in the relevance of the living brand. Urbanears promotes a deeper connection to color, form and people while providing the freedom to transcend individuality and unify the sound experience.

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Known as the original skate shoe, Vans was founded on March 16, 1966 in the city of Anaheim, California when Paul Van Doren along with three partners opened up their first store. The Van Doren Rubber Company was unique in that it manufactured shoes and sold them directly to the public. On that first morning, 12 customers purchased Vans deck shoes -- now famously known as the Authentic.

The classic skate brand dynamically grew throughout the 70's and 80's and has helped push the sport of skateboarding to conquer the world. Regarded for their originality and DIY ethos, Vans has since worked with a diverse array of artists, musicians, and independent brands including Taka Hayashi, Bad Brains, Ray Barbees, Pendleton and many more.

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Vans Vault

The Vault Collection by Vans consists of classic Vans styles that are literally pulled from Vans’ 45-plus year vault of designs, but with modern inspiration drawn from street fashion, art, music and the world of surf and skate. Each season, Vans’ designers will team up with influential artists and brands in creating unique materializations on their most popular styles.

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Weekend Offender

Founded in 2004 by Sam Jones and Rydian Powell, clothing shop owner and graphic designer respectively - Weekend Offender has it's roots embedded in the UK's youth culture. Weekend Offender's Category A line showcases a keen eye for subtle details and clean design.

The brand ethos states that Weekend Offenders can be anyone and so the designs and the brand continue to evolve and advance with these individual elements in mind.

Debuting in the United States this Fall 2013 season, we are proud to be stocking the first stateside offering of Weekend Offender.

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White Mountaineering

The field in which we wear clothes is all outdoors.

One: design. Two: utility. Three: technology. The imagination to fuse these elements together. The attitude of not submitting to sales or market needs.

White Mountaineering's Wardrobe line consists of standard items that can be a part of everyone's wardrobe. The line focuses on textiles and sewing techniques while keeping the designs simple. The selected forms remain consistent but are created with new materials each season.

BLK by White Mountaineering proposes a new feel to outdoor wear with high-spec textiles and technology. The line aims for solidity with a single color: black. It releases items with high visual and utilitarian quality, incorporating textiles developed by experts such as GORE-TEX and Schoeller.

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Woolrich Woolen Mills

From the company website.

"The Woolrich Woolen Mills collection is a project that stems from the passion of the rediscovery of the American manufacturing tradition, of which Woolrich still represents an actual icon; its' uniqueness is tied to the history and values of the Woolrich "working community", a town that rises and develops around the Mill's activities…

The collection revolves around garments that in their simplicity, have the entire American outerwear history in their structural details. It is from the Woolrich Mills that this product takes form from the same looms that produce the most authentic American outerwear fabrics.

The Woolrich Woolen Mills project originates from the desire to create unique items for their simplicity and authenticity, to give way to a different dress style that interprets the need of those who don't need to be noticed and so are attracted by the "silent exclusivity" of the clothes.

The renewal of the USA manufacturing tradition is set in the concept "garment with a purpose", made in USA or otherwise created with original fabrics, that unite the best industrial "standards" with assembled and functional details..."

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Classic made in U.S.A. footwear and luggage are exceptional as traditional artifacts of the rugged and refined American past. Since 1985, designer Yuki Matsuda has paid homage to the American crafts and traditions by treasure hunting for outstanding examples of footwear and luggage in remote locales spread out across the rolling Appalachians to the high Sierras.

During Yuki’s quests for American rarities, he befriended several footwear, luggage, leather, and blanket artisans whose personalities and skills are more beautiful and pure than their output. Yuketen exists from the lessons and heritage gleaned from these men and women, our respected predecessors. 

Each Yuketen article begins with utmost thought and research and is constructed solely by aged hands of high-skill and years of experience. We chose only the most durable and precious raw materials such as our all-vegetable tanned leather, which is exclusive to Yuketen luggage products, or our American naked leather unique for it's heavy, thick, and soft characteristics. Yuketen products' finishing touches are made by the owner's individual insignias; the outline of their footprint, crease-marks from the bend of their ankle, imprints from their hands, color shed from their skin, mementos of their lifetime. 

We are proud of Yuketen footwear and luggage. May you enjoy the fruits of our labor wherever your journey takes you.

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