When you are from the greater New York area, as West NYC obviously is, sooner or later, you find yourself on a fishing boat. You could be a angling enthusiast, for whom the deck of a fishing vessel is a regular haunt, or you could number among the ranks of novices eager for an escape to the great outdoors, if just for a day. Whether you come back with a haul of fish or a bout of sea sickness and sunburn is always a toss up.

The Shadow 90 is a tribute to the saltwater fishing experience, in the form of a classic running silhouette from Saucony. The materials and colors utilized represent the various equipment, sights, and sounds of a trip on the open water. The heel tab and Saucony logo incorporate carbon fiber used in fishing rods, the toe and heel feature non-skid grip tape, always appreciated on a wet deck, while the off-white heel is reminiscent of a weathered boat bottom. The purple and vivid neon pink used as trim accents suggest both the early morning sunrise familiar to any fisherman, as well as the brightness of the lures used as bait.

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but the West NYC Shadow 90 has a somewhat more limited supply, so cast your line now.

If a size is not listed, it is sold out. 


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