Trail running is a pretty niche form of a popular sport. The feeling of running on varied, natural terrain is entirely different from road running. It’s not for everyone.

On the other hand, anyone can enjoy a nice, leisurely walk in nature. That’s where Asics and the Colorado 85 Mt. Samsara shoe come in. The Mt. Samsara is a stylish reinterpretation of a classic trail running shoe. The outdoors ready outsole is ready for some serious foot traffic, but the rest of the shoe has been transformed.

Asics have paired up with menswear design firm Publish to create a Colorado 85 Mt. Samsara as tribute to the globetrotting photographer. The suede uppers and monochrome colorways are stylishly neutral and versatile. No one likes getting stuck carrying around unnecessary, excess luggage, after all. The respective olive and navy colorways also visually reference the natural surroundings that are the inspiration for all the trips and photographs to begin with.

If a size is not listed, it is sold out.

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