Running and candy aren’t typically closely associated. While it’s true that sugary confections do provide a burst of energy that all runners need once in a while, the act of intense physical exertion and the leisurely consumption of candy are, much more often than not, separate pursuits.

The ‘Street Sweets’ Grid 9000 from Saucony and Premier bring a sweet tooth inspired look to this 90s tech running staple. Individually wrapped pieces of taffy aren’t just any candy either; they are the ideal representation of the idea of candy. The image is unmistakable, even if you can’t remember the last time you actually ate taffy.

The ultra chunky silhouette of the Grid 9000 is a perfect choice for the candy motif. The lush, curvy design is both an ideal compliment to the soft pastel taffy colors, and a shoe that looks equally at home strolling down the boardwalk on a summer day and pounding the pavement at a six minute per mile clip.  

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