Penfield x Saucony Shadow Original Tan/Navy Penfield x Saucony Shadow Original Tan/Navy Penfield x Saucony Shadow Original Tan/Navy

x Penfield Saucony Original



"This collaboration between Penfield and Saucony had to be something that both brands could be proud of. The aim was to develop a practical and commercial shoe but at the same time deliver a pack that would stand out.
Penfield used their outdoor heritage and fabric knowledge and went to work with the Saucony Shadow Original.

They first looked back at their extensive garment archive to find inspiration for our take on the classic shoe, they then looked at their broad library for a fabric that would translate well into footwear.
The fabric had to work well with leather and suede, and stand up to much more intense stitching than used in classic outerwear. They landed on the Penfield 60/40 cotton nylon, already used together with
leathers and suede’s on some of the most recognizable Penfield styles.

This tough and durable Teflon-coated fabric has been used by the brand since 1975 and is now there most iconic fabric. The final decision on the colour palette for this project was agreed, deciding on Navy / Olive / Tan together with tonal suede’s and popped with contrast colour trims.

The shoe would not look out of place on a trail from 1980’s New England while translating just as easily into a more contemporary environment. Finally an iconic outdoor reference of a hiking boot lace loop and interchangeable laces was added for pop or tonal looks, resulting in a shoe that can be worn either in the city or the great outdoors."

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Penfield x Saucony Shadow Original


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