If you have to get from Neukölln to Tempelhof in a hurry, you can’t go wrong with one of Berlin’s distinctive, pale gold taxis. The entire color scheme of this Equipment Racer is a homage to the city’s hired cabs: the speckled black and grey sole representing the asphalt, the gold upper shares the standard paint scheme for the German capital’s taxis, and the details like the taillight red on the heel,taxi roof sign on the tongue, and taxi meter tissue paper are the kind of attention to minutia that make Consortium releases so special.

Even if your only experience with Berlin is David Bowie albums and Cold War spy fiction, the Equipment Racing 93 is a fabulous shoe. The lightweight nylon upper is a marked contrast to the chunkier silhouette favored by early 90s tech runners, the outer lace support system, on a shoe from this era, looks ahead of its time.

You know how hard it is to catch a cab during rush hour, or after all the bars let out?  That's the kind of urgency you'll want to act with for a shoe this good. 

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