Offspring x Saucony Shadow 6000 Stealth Offspring x Saucony Shadow 6000 Stealth Offspring x Saucony Shadow 6000 Stealth

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The dictionary definition of stealth refers to deliberately cautious movement, intended to conceal actions. In the popular imagination, stealth is closely associated with the unusually angled, highly advanced bombers used by the US military. It’s a term that implies power and aggression, but also, a calculated singularity of purpose. Oh, and it’s a given that something with stealth in the name will be all black.

The use of black is a key component for the technological design of stealth aircraft. In the world of fashion, the use of all-black has the opposite effect. The power and purpose are still there, but it serves to stand out rather than conceal. British sneaker retailers Offspring have teamed up with Saucony to produce a stealth version of the Shadow 6000 runner, in a project that, presumably, did not cost several billion dollars.

What this shoe lacks in ability to strike high value Soviet targets in a hypothetical cold war conflict, it more than makes up for in looks. The upper is mostly suede, for a subdued take on an all-black colorway, but is complimented by a strip of patent leather around the toe that adds a sleek, modern edge. The shoe also features reflective elements on the side panels, laces, and midsole; because the biggest difference between aircraft and sneakers is that you want your stealth to be seen.

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Offspring x Saucony Shadow 6000


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