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Whether you are discussing action sports, like surfing, skating, or snowboarding, or street style, it doesn’t matter; Vans’ credentials are beyond reproach. But if you really did want to get down into nit picking territory, Vans, being from Southern California and all, aren’t equipped for the sting of a climate where winter is a real thing that happens.

One brand with expertise to spare regarding cold climate gear is The North Face. Though a North Face jacket is something of a ubiquitous fashion item, the popularity of the label should not obscure what makes the North Face truly stand apart, their dedication to high quality, functional gear.

So What happens when Southern California shoemakers team up with Northern California mountain climbers? See for yourself. The Nuptse jacket is a North Face staple. Features like the water repellent coating, down insulation, and taffeta padding have made it an indispensible part of many winter wardrobes. As popular as North Face coats are though, this collaborative Vans version isn’t something that comes along every day. The use of the iconic checkerboard pattern is sure to make this coat the subject of countless covetous stares.

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