LACED x Le Coq Sportif Zenith 'Banana Benders' Rumba Red 1421328 LACED x Le Coq Sportif Zenith 'Banana Benders' Rumba Red 1421328 LACED x Le Coq Sportif Zenith 'Banana Benders' Rumba Red 1421328

x LACED Zenith

le coq sportif


"For 2015 we have collaborated with le coq sportif to create a new take on the classic Zenith. When starting this project the model was fairly unknown, owned and cherished by only a few around the world who could appreciate this shoe’s perfect paneling and simplistic beauty born in 1988. When le coq sportif decided to bring back this classic from the archive the wheels for the project were set in motion.

Rich maroon features as the main colour representing the place that Laced has called home since 2006; Queensland, Australia. Known for fierce sporting rivalries; when Queenslanders go into battle they don their maroon warpaint, which stands out here on a classic neutral base of Optical White and High Rise grey.

For accents Dark Grenadine sits proudly abreast the shoe’s quarter panel, highlighting the hallmark cockerel of le coq sportif whilst Pool Green echoes an original Zenith colourway. The earth coloured gum soles round out the shoe’s exterior colour blocking and give a nod to the dry dirt that covers most of Australia. Materials stay true to the original Zenith, utilising the same vintage-look mesh and rich suedes.

The footbeds share pop colours from the shoe; the seemingly abstract design mirroring the Brisbane river our the City’s most defining feature cutting through the CBD not once but three times. The small white dot represents the location of our store.

On the heel the shoes feature separate embroidered branding with the right wearing the Laced logo in contrasting white. The left heel displays an unmistakable bright yellow banana, somewhat of an odd choice to those out of loop. Queenslanders are often known as Banana Benders by our interstate friends, a colloquial nick name that gives suggestion to our general laid-back attitude. The saying goes that “Queenslanders have nothing better to do than sit around bending bananas”. Whilst many collaborative projects are created with a theme from the beginning this detail came last-minute to add a touch of personalisation to the project. For us maintaining a sense of humor is important." - LACED, Brisbane

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LACED x Le Coq Sportif Zenith 'Banana Benders'
Rumba Red


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