The Converse One Star occupies an interesting niche in the brand’s history. Like its ancestor, the immortal Chuck Taylor, the One Star started life as a basketball shoe and subsequently made the journey into the world of fashion and leisure.

Any Converse bearing passing resemblance to the Chuck is bound to draw comparisons, but the One Star gets the best of both worlds out of the deal. It retains the simple good looks and classic style of the overall silhouette, but there are enough differences between the two shoes to allow the One Star to shine in its own right.

The One Star makes an ideal canvas for Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Fragment to work with. Fragment designs make use of a clean, sophisticated, modern design approach and an emphasis on premium materials to subtly enhance standard shoe models.

The Fragment One Star plays on the casual air of the shoe lent by its popularity among subcultures like skateboarding and alternative music (Kurt Cobain and Kim Shattuck were major 90s proponents) by rendering the upper in a nappy suede, while an organic cotton logo and subtle placement of the Fragment thunderbolt logo on the heels add a contemporary fashion touch to a timeless shoe.

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