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London’s Foot Patrol takes on a true old-school classic in the Pro-Keds Royal Hi. The effortless, simple style of the Pro-Keds basketball silhouette was one of the earliest modern examples of a shoe developing a dedicated street following. The asphalt, outdoor basketball courts and nascent hip-hop culture may be the most commonly cited example of Pro-Keds’ influence, but the Royal’s timeless look transcended associations with one, specific scene.

From the countless fabric houses in the city to the world-famous Saville Row (where the term ‘bespoke’ was coined,) London is no stranger to the cloth trade. Foot Patrol’s interpretation of the Royal Hi pays tribute to this long and influential history.

The ‘Patchwork’ Royal Hi brings together a mix of different patterns, colors, and textiles to give this basketball court classic an offhandedly-elegant makeover. While the Patchwork design serves as a tribute to the creative energies of London’s clothiers, but the diversity of materials and stitched together look also harken back to the Royal’s enduring popularity through so many places and through so much time.

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