Saucony X Epitome Shadow 5000 Teal Saucony X Epitome Shadow 5000 Teal Saucony X Epitome Shadow 5000 Teal

x Epitome Shadow 5000



The number of positive attributes bestowed upon the wearer by specific sneakers over the years is myriad.  It is probably a first though, for a sneaker to offer protection against the evil eye. 

The threat of the evil eye, a malicious look bringing misfortune or even death, dates back thousands of years across nearly every culture.  For every story about the evil eye, there is a protective measure against it.  One of the most well known of these measures is the Hamsa, and that is where Atlanta sneaker sellers Epitome and running shoe legends Saucony come in. 

This Shadow 5000 features premium, teal, pigskin suede with white and gold accents.  The Hamsa icon is prominently featured on the shoe’s tongue, while the upper incorporates a fish scale pattern on the toebox and heel;  the scales are not only a nod to a prominent monument in Epitome’s home town, but fish are, in legend, immune to the evil eye.  The distinctive Saucony dots on the side panels also feature a protective Nazar style design. 

You should be well protected in the event that anyone with sinister intentions fixes their gaze upon you, but if the power of the evil eye proves too strong, well, you’re wearing Sauconys.  Run.

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