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What makes punk pass seamlessly from one generation to the next is that it is, at its core, an impulse, rather than one specific moment set in time. Obviously there are codes, rituals, and signifiers that remain in place, but they are open to interpretation and improvisation. This is how bands like the psychotic pop star Sex Pistols, the playfully heartbroken Buzzcocks, the street level rage of The Exploited, the sloganeering firebrands of Crass, and the beer soaked horror camp of the Damned, just to name a few, could exist under the same banner.

The Fred Perry x Bodega ‘New Establishment’ release aims to pay tribute to these disparate elements, and to suggest how they might be applied in a contemporary context. The sneaker is a simple tennis silhouette that features a perforated checkerboard pattern on olive green nubuck. This stark look is reminiscent of the militant look favored by politically oriented punk bands, while retaining Fred Perry’s timeless sense of style. The inner lining deploys the kind of wild leopard print used to such memorable effect through the course of punk fashion.

The accompanying shirt is a classic Fred Perry tailored button down that simultaneously references punk’s past and future. The button down shirt featuring prominent slogans was a punk staple. Here, the concept is updated to reflect the substitution of the personal computer for paint and the public square as the favored way to express rage.

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