Puma X BOBBITO CLYDE Drizzle/Burt Olive/Gold Puma X BOBBITO CLYDE Drizzle/Burt Olive/Gold Puma X BOBBITO CLYDE Drizzle/Burt Olive/Gold



$22.00 $110.00

Being recognized by a single word name is usually a luxury afforded to certain mega-star recording artists and Brazilian footballers. If someone outside of these specific professions has achieved one name status, it’s safe to say that they have achieved legendary status in their chosen field. In the sneaker world, if you are talking about the subject of Puma’s latest collaborative effort, all you need to say is “Bobbito.”

Bobbito Garcia has been collecting, categorizing, studying, and just plain obsessing over sneakers for a very long time. His seminal book “Where’d You Get Those,” is an essential document on early sneaker culture. For all that influence, back when he started, an encyclopedic knowledge of sneakers was more likely to be met in the general public with responses like “how many shoes can one person wear,” or “why would anyone pay that much money for a sneaker” than a fawning interview and an editorial spread showing off your collection.

The Puma x Bobbito pack features a mid-top Suede and a low-top Clyde in stylish muted earth tones. Both pairs also carry textual references to Bobbito’s work and New York street background. These models have been called icons so many times that it’s difficult to keep track, but they, for sure, owe this status in large part to the culture that Bobbito Garcia came from and meticulously documented.

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