This isn’t A Bathing Ape’s first trip around the collaboration block, but where much of BAPE’s previous work has focused on a classic streetwear aesthetic, their latest effort, in conjunction with Puma, brings the distinctive Bathing Ape style to contemporary sportswear. If having the likes of Borussia Dortmund, Arsenal, and the Italian national team on their roster was a coup for puma, wait until you see what they’ve done with the iconic Japanese label.

The demand for casual sportswear with a modern, technical edge is the big thing in fashion right now, and if there’s one thing BAPE has always excelled at, it is from the glossy vivid colorways of their own Bapesta sneakers, to their application of their camouflage patterns on so many classic pieces, giving people what they want without oversaturation. The current movement towards a sleeker, modern look provided the perfect opportunity to utilize BAPE in a novel way.

The extensive Puma x BAPE collection features two of Puma’s classic tech running shoes, the Blaze of Glory and the Disc Blaze, adorned with BAPE’s signature camouflage, while the accompanying clothing is a blend of contemporary athletic elements, think slimmer cuts and tech materials with the classic street style of A Bathing Ape.

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