X Bathing Ape Question Mid



As it is difficult at the best of times to directly compare the fortunes of a clothing label to the athletic performance of a human being, it isn’t exactly apples to apples after all, there is one critical factor that A Bathing Ape and 76ers gresat, Allen Iverson have in common. Naysayers relentlessly hounded them both when they burst into their respective fields.

Here we are, all these years later, and A Bathing Ape are a streetwear icon, while Allen Iverson is an NBA hall of famer. The point of all this dramatic build up? As part of the ongoing twentieth anniversary celebrations for the Question Mid, A Bathing Ape have paired up with Reebok to bring their signature camouflage pattern to Iverson’s signature model.

A canvas upper, translucent, olive outsole, and BAPE cobranding bring a high street fashion element to the Question, while staying true to the shoe’s street level roots.

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