Reebok’s Pump Omni Lite will always have a place in sneaker history.  Even kids who weren’t yet born in 1991 have a passing familiarity with Dee Brown’s iconic ‘no-look’ effort in that year’s NBA Slam Dunk Contest.  While the Omni Lite has been a retro favorite for years, a new collaborative effort gives the shoe a contemporary edge.


This time around, the Omni Lite is associated with a different sort of ‘no-look.’  The basketball fixture gets the full Bathing Ape treatment, courtesy of AAPE, featuring urban camouflage, and glossy patent leather.  As a finishing touch, the pump mechanism on the shoe’s tongue, which dazzled audiences when it was originally represented as a basketball or tennis ball, is rendered in the image of the iconic Ape face logo.

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