X 24 KILATES LX 8500



Bangkok, Thailand is known for any number of things, some more above-board than others, but one of the most distinctive cultural landmarks the city has to offer is the brightly colored, three wheeled auto-rickshaws known as tuk tuks. Named for the sound of the vehicle’s two stroke engine, the tuk tuk is a favored means of short distance conveyance in a city with some of the most notorious traffic congestion on Earth.

To celebrate the opening of their new location in the Thai capital, Barcelona’s 24 Kilates have partnered with Reebok to pay homage to the tuk tuk, by way of another popular means of short distance travel, the running shoe.

A classic running silhouette from the Reebok archive, the LX 8500 deftly blends the classic nylon of the shoe’s performance heritage with street-style ready premium suede and leather, all in the livery of a Bangkok tuk tuk. This mix of contemporary style and local flavor is a fitting tribute to a vibrant metropolis.  

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