A collaborative shoe inspired by Astrophysics is the kind of thing that can draw a massive side eye from the collective sneaker buying audience, especially in the increasingly self referential loop of sneaker culture.

The newly confirmed existence by scientists of gravitational waves served as the impetus for the astrophysics theme of the shoe. Wood Wood’s challenge was to channel this inspiration into the design of a sneaker.

To properly channel the aura of advanced, theoretical, scientific theory into a relatable aesthetic would require an ultra-modern silhouette. Appropriately enough, that shoe is the Ultra Boost. The boost sole has been used across a variety of silhouettes, but the Ultra Boost is the purest expression of the form. The Wood Wood Ultra Boost comes in both men’s and women’s variants. The black upper on the men’s model is suggestive of deep space, while the scientific diagram of gravitational waves is featured on the insole. The white, women’s version of the shoe replaces the traditional lace system with a supporting strap, which along with the insole, sports the gravitational wave diagram.

You don’t have to fully grasp Einstein’s theory of relativity to understand that these are going to move at astronomical speed.

If a size is not listed, it is sold out.

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