Nanamica WIND CAP White Nanamica WIND CAP White




The concept behind Nanamica is as effective as it is simple, and it is incredibly simple. Basically, people in urban environments need performance apparel just as much as people enjoying the great outdoors. After all, is rain any less wet or humidity any less oppressive if you’re on your way to work than if you’re hiking up a mountain somewhere?

While the performance needs may be the same in both cases, the stylistic needs don’t always correspond. That high visibility gore tex fishing vest may look a bit off in a meeting or at a hip eatery, and that mountaineering parka may not fit over your sport jacket incredibly well.

Nanamica takes the performance technology that defines the best technical gear, and applies it to apparel and accessories more in tune with the demands of urban life.

  • 67% Cotton, 33% nylon 
  • Six panel construction 
  • Lightweight & breathable 
  • Embroidered 'N' logo 
  • Made in Japan

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