Adidas WH ZX FLUX X LEA Black Adidas WH ZX FLUX X LEA Black Adidas WH ZX FLUX X LEA Black




If you’ve ever watched or listened to one of those shows where panelists yell sports opinions at each other, you’ve probably heard some variation on the argument that true greatness is defined by the consistent, effortless execution of the basics. It’s practically a cliché at this point, but there is an element of truth to it. The difference between pure flash and substance is the difference between a YouTube highlight video and a full trophy cabinet.

On a purely superficial level, there is very little to separate one pair of sweatpants from another. So when these sportswear staples are your stock in trade, there has to be a powerful distinguishing feature that makes people actively seek out your brand. Canada’s Wings + Horns have made an entire mission statement out of unfailingly delivering the highest quality basics. Progressive design, premium material choices, and sharp attention to detail have put Wings + Horns above the pack.

For Fall 2016, Wings + Horns bring this sensibility to a collaborative effort with Adidas. While the brand with the three stripes are, themselves, no strangers to the notions of simplicity that give their classic pieces a contemporary feel in perpetuity, teaming up with Wings + Horns ups the ante.

Two footwear silhouettes, the classic Gazelle and the modern ZX Flux ADV and a range of sportswear apparel combine the athletic heritage of Adidas with the elevated construction and sophisticated sensibility of Wings + Horns, taking the athleisure concept to new heights.

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