x HAL Equipment Running Support 93



The Mad Max series, notwithstanding ‘Beyond Thunderdome’, ranks among the most memorable and influential cinematic visions of a post apocalyptic dystopia. It’s easily one of Australia’s greatest contributions to popular culture.

It’s no surprise that Australian sneaker retailers Highs and Lows latest contribution to the Adidas Consortium series looked towards the general direction of Gastown.

The Highs and Lows Equipment Running Support 93 is the footwear answer to the souped up V8 Pursuit Special that Max famously drove. Of course, with the reenforced neoprene, waxed sailcloth, aged cowhide leather, and nubuck, the Equipment Support 93 is capable of getting you around a desert wasteland, even without precious gasoline. It would still probably be wise to avoid the Lord Humungous though.

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