W Fenty Creeper Velvet W Fenty Creeper Velvet W Fenty Creeper Velvet

W Fenty Creeper Velvet


$90.00 $150.00

The Suede Creeper has been a runaway hit for Rihanna's Fenty label.  Just in time to dress up for the holidays, the Creeper makes its return sporting an elegant velvet with tonal sole.  

The Suede Creeper takes two classic, but seemingly disparate elements of streetwear, the Puma suede and the classic creeper, and combines them in a single shoe. The creeper, a thick, crepe soled style of shoe that has been a mainstay in the fashions of various rock subcultures, punk, new wave, ska, rockabilly, grunge, and goth, to name a few, since the style first gained popularity amongst the early, post-World War II rock scene.

Of course, the hard distinctions between musical subcultures have been blurred over time. The mix and match thinking that has led to countless forms of cultural blending allows the Suede Creeper to seamlessly incorporate the distinctive, thick sole onto the classic Puma silhouette.

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