There’s ‘old school’ and then there’s an adjustable corduroy hat. Before Peyton, Tebowmania, and even before Elway finally got those two rings, the Denver Broncos seemingly existed to get pasted in the Super Bowl by the NFC champion. Despite traveling to those Super Bowls on the back of memorable games like ‘The Fumble’ and ‘The Drive,’ those decisive defeats to the Giants, Redskins, and 49ers still haunt the memory.

So, why open up those old wounds? Well, when the Broncos finally had their day in the late 90s, they had changed their uniform and logo. Grab this historical artifact from the Orange Crush days, and head off any accusations of bandwagoneering at the pass.

Besides, as any Simpsons fans knows, owning the Denver Broncos is pretty good.


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