The monkey has always been anthropomorphized in culture as an intelligent but mischievous animal, a true trickster archetypical figure. It’s fitting that those born under the sign of the Monkey in the Chinese zodiac are said to share this dynamic but volatile mix of personality traits.

It is a tribute to the cleverness, curiosity, and playfulness of the monkey, that Adidas has decided to join this celebration with Chinese New Year themed releases from their ultra-modern Tubular range.

The Tubular Doom, Tubular X, and Tubular Runner are given vivid, red makeovers, red being the traditional color of joy and good fortune in Chinese culture. The interplay of modern, synthetic materials with textured leather creates the same mixture of tradition and raucous celebration that makes the New Year holiday such an impactful and memorable event.

If a size is not listed, it is sold out.

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