Adidas Tubular X Red/White Adidas Tubular X Red/White Adidas Tubular X Red/White

Tubular X



Adidas was experimenting with its Tubular technology as far back as the mid 1990s.  The concept proved to be ahead of the curve.  The production costs would have rendered the shoes prohibitively expensive.  With technology all caught up to imagination, the Tubular was reintroduced in the form of an ultra-modern runner.

The classic basketball model is inherently on the clunky side, as would be expected of a shoe designed to absorb the shock of extremely large athletes playing a physically demanding sport that places a great deal of stress on the feet, knees, and ankles.  Besides the practical element, the enduring fashion popularity of the basketball silhouette keeps the visual design more or less stable.  All in all, basketball can tend to be one of the more conservative areas of sneaker design.  That’s what makes the Tubular X overhaul so visually radical. 

The tubular sole unit is distinct across the board, while the lightweight textile and synthetic upper is a departure from the heavy leather, suede, or canvas usually associated with basketball.  While this would complete the Tubular Runner, the Tubular X is reinforced with soft, synthetic nubuck around the sidewalls and heel.

Functional considerations aside, there is simply no mistaking the Tubular.  The Tubular X isn’t a basketball shoe that has been reworked; it is a new Tubular model.  If you favor a mid-top or hi-top silhouette, and crave a contemporary aesthetic, your shoe is here.     

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