Adidas TUBULAR RADIAL Grey/Granite Adidas TUBULAR RADIAL Grey/Granite Adidas TUBULAR RADIAL Grey/Granite




When Adidas first developed the Tubular cushioning system in the mid 90s, it was ahead of its time. In fact, it was so far ahead of its time that it couldn’t be mass-produced efficiently, which would have made the retail price of the shoe astronomical. So, for many years, the idea was shelved.

Manufacturing has caught up to the Tubular technology, but that doesn’t mean the resulting footwear just slots right in, unnoticed, among all the other shoes on the market. Even by contemporary standards, the radical design of the Tubular range still turns heads.

The Tubular Radial is a streamlined offering from Adidas. The distinctive sole unit has been trimmed down, while the upper is a sleek neoprene with external support and lace structure.

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