Clarks TRIGENIC RIDGE Grey Suede Clarks TRIGENIC RIDGE Grey Suede Clarks TRIGENIC RIDGE Grey Suede




We live in times where a first generation X-Box is, unironically, called historical. But, when we say Clarks is a historical company, we mean that in the truest sense of the word. The original business partnership between Cyrus Clark and, his cousin, James, dates back to 1821. For perspective, that would be the same year that Napoleon died.

It seems peculiar that a company started by Quaker businessmen during the Georgian era would be known for its pop culture associations rather than, say, its old-fashioned quality, workmanship, but the youthful associations of some iconic Clarks styles remain a driving force behind the brand to this day.

The Trigenic is a little bit different though.  Even Clarks is getting in on the modern, natural motion sole action. The Trigenic silhouette combines the maximized comfort of modern technology with the timeless style and traditional craftsmanship of classic Clarks footwear.

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