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In ‘Fever Pitch,’ Nick Hornby’s literary paean to a lifelong Arsenal obsession, he describes how the euphoria of a midweek victory in a cup semi-final gives way to grumbling dissatisfaction with a mundane league defeat on the weekend.  The conclusion is that sports are “almost savagely unsentimental.” 

The athletic world is one where you are judged on your last performance; past accomplishments are nice for the highlight reels, but coasting on them just won’t do.  So why should shoes be any different?

Results are all that matter.  It’s a simple philosophy, and it’s what York Athletics aim to bring to the world of performance training footwear.  You haven’t heard of York Athletics, and that’s kind of the point. They aren’t asking you to buy shoes because of the name attached to them, or because they have pretty colors, or because they just so happened to be captured by paparazzi on the feet of a flavor of the month celebrity.  York Athletics are looking for individuals: individuals who are looking to get the most out of their shoes, and aren’t going to swayed by gimmickry into settling for less, just to go along with the crowd.

York Athletics shoes are simple, modern, and functional.  All excesses, whether in the form of physical materials, or ostentatious branding have been shed.  What remains is the new face of performance footwear.

The Henry is a lightweight running shoe.  The Henry combines minimalist elements like a natural motion sole and a snug but breathable mesh upper with a responsive midsole and solid rubber outsole that provides cushioning and support with each foot strike. 


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