Vans Vault

$52.00 $175.00

Taka Hayashi doesn’t just reach into the Vans Vault this time, he practically falls through the floor into a secret passageway.

The Buffalo Trail applies Hayashi’s mix of detailed craftsmanship and elegant style and applies it to a long forgotten Vans silhouette, the Vans Serio. Originally a product of Vans’ foray into the performance running shoe market back in the early 80s, the Serio ended up as little more than an experiment.

Although the shoes achieved top of the line quality, Vans were not known for being a running company, and precious few people were willing to make a blind leap into an unfamiliar shoe. Meanwhile, the running silhouette also failed to resonate with traditional Vans enthusiasts.

Nowadays, people are far more willing to stylistically diversify. The Buffalo Trail, quite honestly, does make it easy though. This retro runner incorporates elements of boot construction to combine a classic, high-end, rustic feel with old school athletic style.

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