Nike Tennis Classic AC SP White Gum 813045 119

Tennis Classic AC SP

Nike Sportswear


Nike was responsible for a great leap forward in tennis shoe design, but they were pretty good with the classic models too.  The Tennis Classic is a simple, classic court silhouette that recalls days of wooden rackets, long hair, sweatbands, wide collars, and short shorts.  Nike’s latest take on the Tennis Classic, just in time for the US Open, is definitely more timeless than retro.

It seems odd that a shoe from such a loud era of fashion would be so understated and stylish, but how else could you describe an all black or all white, leather upper with gum soles.  The even more pertinent question would be, how could you pass up the opportunity to have it? 

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  • Nike Tennis Classic AC SP
  • White/White Gum Light Brown 
  • 813045 119

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