Introducing the Superstar like you would any other shoe almost seems condescending. It’s one of the most iconic silhouettes in sneaker history. For many people it is the silhouette. This is, in large part, to the shoe’s popularity amongst a variety of urban, youth subcultures over the years. The ‘Metropolis,’ however, isn’t a model you can just pop into any random store and walk out with another shelltoe for your collection. As part of the Consortium label’s tenth anniversary, the shoe is limited to 1000 pairs, worldwide. The ‘Metropolis’ Superstar 80v pays tribute to the shoe’s urban connections, in a unique way. The shoe visually celebrates the cross cultural popularity of the superstar by focusing on an obvious, but overlooked , unifying element: physical urban spaces. The concrete that is a ubiquitous part of so many city environments across the globe serves as the inspiration for the monochromatic grey colorway. The upper makes use of premium, ultra-soft suede throughout, including on the trademark shelltoe. Subtle Consortium branding on the tongue and individual numbering on the heels round out a strikingly simple, elegant tribute to the Superstar’s lasting legacy.

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