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  • Super Interior Renovations

Super Interior Renovations explores a wide range of re-design possibilities, from updating social spaces to the transforming uses of a variety of structures. This book considers the act of restoring spaces as a renovation, regardless of its scale, an act of drastically altering the form and/or function of the building. Furthermore it considers the possibility of a scrap and build age, in which the recycling of materials is of the utmost importance as the uses of architecture shift and change at a high rate, and more importance is deservedly placed on a sustainable system of building and remodeling. Superior Interior Renovations features a collection of completed renovations that serve as examples of effective and useful approaches to interior design for non residential buildings: hotels, offices, hospitals, commercial, private and public facilities. Offers a comprehensive design with before and after images. 

  • Edited by Kazuya Ura
  • ISBN 10: 4-7661-1630-5
  • ISBN 13: 9784766116304
  • Copyright 2008

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