Rihanna’s Fenty label for Puma had a runaway hit on their hands with their very first effort, the Suede Creeper. Disparate subculture influences were distilled into a single shoe, and the results have spoken for themselves.

The design strikes the perfect balance between the legendary Puma Suede and the classic brothel creeper. Toying with that balance is the design approach applied to the latest batch of Suede Creepers.

A stylish, athletic Green/Bordeaux colorway weights the scales towards “sneaker” on one model, while the all-black down to the sole model adds a satin form stripe, and emphasizes the traditional creeper elements of the design.

The differing interpretations of the Suede Creeper’s identity is the perfect way to keep people guessing, and to keep this instant classic one step ahead.  

If a size is not listed, it is sold out. 


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