Wacko Maria SPORTS SOCKS ( TYPE-3 ) White/Green


Wacko Maria


From George Best, to David Beckham, to Hidetoshi Nakata, among others, international soccer stars have enjoyed a longstanding, close relationship with the world of fashion.

Former J-League teammates Nobuhiro Mori and Keiji Ishizuka took an extra step from modeling and endorsements, and actually established their own clothing label, Wacko Maria.

Offering a distinct and individualistic twist on the Japanese craftsmanship meets casual, Western style, Wacko Maria pulls visual influences from an array of sources with a wilder background than the standard and staid “Ivy” look.

The punk rock abandon meets Tokyo nightlife meets Hollywood underbelly melting pot of style makes Wacko Maria stand out as one of the premier brands in cutting edge, streetwear fashion today.


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