Series_ Zine - 10 Years Of Bodega



Our first zine since the Tokyo Pop up of 2014 is an accompaniment to the Series_ Group Exhibition in October 2016.    Series_ explores the current state of Bodega through the lens of 16 artists:

Kostas Seremetis, Virgil Normal, Greg Lamarche, Marka27, Russell Maurice, Paul Sid, Emmett Keane, Caleb Neelon, Percy Fortini Wright, Matt Zaremba, Evoker, Pat Peltier, PRMTVO, Melanie Bernier, Pat Falco, Jordan Roschwalb(Founder of PINTRILL), Angelique Alvarez & Matthew Beauchamp. 

30 pages, Full Color,  100# Gloss text 8.5" x 5.5"

Hand Numbered Series of 200.


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