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Even if you aren’t familiar with Robert Williams by name, you’re familiar with at least one of his works. Guns N Roses' seminal, classic 1987 debut album, Appetite For Destruction, took its title from the Robert Williams painting of the same name that was supposed to be part of the cover artwork.

Of course, one minor controversy surrounding an album cover doesn’t even remotely scratch the surface of his body of work. Robert Williams may have come up with the sardonic “lowbrow” sobriquet to describe his own work, but the prodigious talent on display is obvious to any observer, no matter how they happen to feel about the subject matter.

Fortunately for art viewers everywhere, various visual art and musical subculture scenes have appreciated what the “fine art” world willfully ignored, giving Robert Williams the opportunity to get his unique, surreal, insanely detailed artwork out there, making him something of a legitimate art legend in the process.

One of the first areas Robert Williams worked in was automotive ‘kustom kulture.’ Customized shoes were one of the earliest success stories for Vans, making a collaborative effort between Williams and the Southern California legends especially apt.

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