He probably regrets giving you the jacket now. In hindsight, it was a performance put on for anyone who happened to be watching, just mirroring something that other people might have done sincerely. It’s such a recognized gesture though, that anyone could read whatever they want into it.

Human eggshell.

The jacket fits alright. More than alright actually. Something is going to have to be done with those sleeves; they’re eggshell. You realize the jacket is reversible, and turn it inside out. Camouflage, now we’re talking. Head back downtown, cut through an office complex, science and tech buildings, eggshell everywhere. You spy a colorful defacement of an eggshell wall, left by some emissary from the real world. It’s a popular obscenity, in bright red. It screams out from the eggshell. You laugh.

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