Head Porter Permanent Vacation Tee White

Permanent Vacation Tee

Head Porter Plus


Scenario: you are on vacation, or at the very least, have found yourself a few consecutive hours during which to relax, and forget any mundane cares and responsibilities, when an interloper decides to intrude upon your advanced state of chill.  The only thing standing between you and him is this Head Porter t-shirt.  Thanks to its bold sloganeering, our interloper concludes that the matter was far too trivial to concern someone on permanent vacation.  The day is saved. 

Even if it isn’t technically true, and you do have to return to work at some point, you’ve gotten your point across. 

If a size is not listed, it is sold out. 

  • Head Porter Permanent Vacation Tee 
  • White 
  • 100% Cotton 

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