The Quiet Life Peony Pocket Tee Black The Quiet Life Peony Pocket Tee Black

Peony Pocket Tee

The Quiet Life


Why the peony floral motif?  The flower’s journey to the hats and shirts of The Quiet Life is filled with twists and turns.  The peony flower itself is has its etymological roots in Greek mythology, but is visually more well known for its associations with Asian culture.

While holding a generally revered place in both Chinese and Japanese culture, and a variety of symbolic associations, the flower’s artistic prominence can be traced back to its use in the ukiyo-e graphic style illustrations of the epochal Chinese novel ‘Suikoden.’  Its association with the epic tale of warriors lent the peony implications of bold actions and a certain recklessness.  Think of it as a sophisticated way to not give a damn. 

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The Quiet Life Peony Pocket Tee


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