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One principle that applies across different fields of design is as designs trend towards a modern aesthetic, they shed extraneous clutter. You don’t even have to stick to fine art and design to confirm this. Watch any old sci-fi movie, all those technologically advanced yet spacious ships and uniform silver jumpsuits are adhering to the concept of ‘less is more.’

Nike’s Roshe One is a prime example of this. The Roshe is just a flexible sole attached to a lightweight mesh upper. Yet, devoid of any superfluous ornamentation, or headline-grabbing tech, the simple, stylish design has become, in a few short years, a mainstay for Nike.

If the basic mesh version of the Roshe is quintessential modernism, when Nike starts experimenting with different materials, the Roshe becomes downright futuristic. The Roshe One Premium Plus replaces the standard, perforated mesh with a tonal black and white look in a parallel weave that gives off a shimmering appearance. 

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  • Nike Roshe One Premium Plus 
  • White/Black
  • 807611 100 

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