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The Air Max series is what launched Nike Running to the forefront of performance technology. As such an important milestone in the brand’s history, all of the shoes bearing the Air Max name can claim some share of legendary status. Some models, like the Air Max 90 stand out, even among their Air Max brethren.

As one of the most recognizable icons from the Air Max range, the 90 has been produced in countless formats. Brazilian designer Pedro Lourenco, a rising star in fashion, has employed a light touch for his interpretation of the classic shoe, employing color and material tweaks, allowing the instantly recognizable silhouette to do much of the heavy lifting.

The ‘string’ colorway is all about soft light. Soft earth tones are combined with a mixed textile upper to give the shoe a casual, natural feel. Its ‘obsidian’ counterpart takes a tonal colorway and makes it into a bold, sleek statement thanks to a glossy, high sheen patent and leather combination upper.

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  • Women's Air Max 90 Pedro Lourenco 
  • String/Phantom/String/Metallic Gold 
  • 867116 200

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