NIKE AIR MAX 120 819857 400 NIKE AIR MAX 120 819857 400 NIKE AIR MAX 120




The Air Max series has, obviously, produced some of the most legendary shoes of all time. Depending on who you talk to, the Air Max series is arguably responsible for the single greatest shoe of all time. The flip side to the iconic status of these shoes is that the revolutionary impact of the design is dulled by decades of mass adulation.

The Air Max 120 should shake things up a bit then. The 1998 Air Max entry is, even by its own family standards, a bold design. The combination of black leather, a blue gradient nylon, and black web overlays are quite a departure from the red and grey Air Max 1, but for those discerning individualists out there, the shoe has remained something of a cult favorite.

There were a lot of regrettable things about 1998 (ski goggles indoors, anyone?) but the Air Max 120 was not one of them. If people are still going to debate its merits, that just gives you more time to get it first.

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  • Nike Air Max 120 
  • Hyper Blue/Chamois/Black/White
  • 819857 400 



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