Robin Clare x Stussy New Jack Swing Tee White Robin Clare x Stussy New Jack Swing Tee White

x Robin Clare New Jack Swing Tee



"Sydney based Jamaican artist ROBIN CLARE was born in Belize to Jamaican parents in 1978. She grew up between Jamaica and Canada and studied painting at Camberwell College of Art, London.

Her work riffs on the colour, rhythm and repetition of dancehall music and the popular culture of her native country Jamaica. Inspired by dancehall and the aesthetics of Jamaican party promotions from the 1950s to the present day, her work is a heady clash of hand-drawn typography, bold large scale paintings and screen prints. It combines pop art, comic book, cinematic and advertising influences bringing together dances, risquí© party names and other elements surrounding the culture. The conceptual underpinning beneath the criss-cross of influences is the nature of cross cultural exchange between Jamaica and the United States.

Robin has exhibited across Europe, North America and Sydney and works at the edge of the map between contemporary and graphic design, producing zines, album art, fabric patterns and illustrations along side her painting practice."

The tee from Stussy features the works of Robin Clare, with prints on the front and backside.

  • 100% cotton

Robin Clare x Stussy New Jack Swing Tee White


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