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Mismatch Chukka DB



Yuketen's Mismatch Chukka is a vibrant announcement. Offering a mid-cut profile and slender silhouette, the chukka's liminal character - between shoe and boot - made it an icon of mid-60's cool. The Mismatch Chukka is a modern interpretation of this classic footwear model that is rendered from an organic composition of leather and rubber and traditional moccasin construction. Raw details such as the omission of eyelets, hand-stitched heel closure, and an intentionally unfinished leather edge at the ankle lend an elliptical appearance to profound workmanship. Two moments of seeming excess - äóìbaseball stitchäó? handsewing and a vamp overlay (an additional leather piece stitched beneath the vamp and cradling the foot) - prove essential to the comfort and durability of this unlined, two-eyelet chukka. Alternating color panels, asymmetrically applied to the left and right shoe, give an eccentric flourish to this outspoken model.

Full-leather insoles, leather tucks, and steel shank reinforcements increase fitting in the arch and heel as well as lessen foot fatigue by forming a stable bridge between the heel and ball of the individual owner's foot.

Directly stitched to the vamp, Yuketenäó»s signature boat sole is made from 100% rubber. Razor thin incisions in the sole (known as "siping") serve to provide traction by opening where pressure is applied but stay sealed against debris, therefore protecting valuable surfaces (such as yacht hulls) against unwanted abrasion.

The color-blocking of this distinctive shoe is re-imagined for each season, making each release a unique statement of character.

  • 100% premium flesh-out leather
  • True mocassin construction
  • Yuketen's 100% rubber boat sole
  • Vegitan leather tuck with steel shank
  • Hand-sewn baseball stitch detail
  • Made in USA

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Yuketen Mismatch Chukka DB Mismatch

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