Cav Empt MAJ DAMG 1994 DENIM Stonewash Cav Empt MAJ DAMG 1994 DENIM Stonewash


Cav Empt


When denim with perfectly patterned distress started showing up on the streets, people that didn’t know any better assumed it had to be some ridiculous new fashion. Imagine, paying good money for something that already looks ruined. Then someone leaked a worksite safety manual for energy field workers.

Apparently, the inner casings on a bunch of the field generators corrode in the rain, which is less than ideal for equipment that’s, you know, outdoors. When they were opened up, they would spit out some seriously dangerous waves, in the same pattern as all the pretty lights.

  • 100% Cotton 
  • Damaged High Waisted Jeans 
  • Made In Japan

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