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Given that they have already named themselves ‘Rains,’ you probably already guessed that Denmark, where Rains calls home, is no stranger to inclement weather. When this weather is recurring fact of life, having functional outerwear is fairly important.

Rains work with many classic outerwear styles, the long raincoat, the macintosh, the anorak, and the windbreaker, for example, as a starting point to construct fashionable, waterproof garments.

Rains jackets are made with functionality and versatility in mind. Besides their waterproof qualities, they are lightweight enough to layer, and to carry around comfortably if clear skies are in the forecast. This mindset extends to the aesthetic of the jackets, which are hallmarks of the simple yet elegant concept behind Scandinavian design, which allows them to be incorporated into any existing look that the wearer is going for.

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