Monitaly MA-1 Flight Jacket Black Monitaly MA-1 Flight Jacket Black Monitaly MA-1 Flight Jacket Black

MA-1 Flight Jacket



Monitaly reinvigorates the much-loved MA-1 jacket with retooled fitting and premium Supersoft Quilt insulation. By lengthening the body of the jacket and incorporating contoured sleeves, Monitaly’s pattern-makers have succeeded in trimming the bulkiness of traditional MA-1’s and modernized this piece of classic military outerwear. Thoughtful details such as zig-zag stitching on the underside of the wind flap and 100% wool ribbing cuffs, collar and waistband confirm the thorough nature of the Monitaly design process.

The Supersoft Quilt used for the MA-1 jacket is filled with seven ounces of virgin siliconized polyester and mimics the feel of down, but gives the wearer the benefits of synthetic insulation with less bulk. Unlike down, which becomes heavy when damp, this super soft insulation remains light even when wetted. The quilt is made with soft, water repellent flight satin, stitched in a military-inspired dumbbell pattern.

  • Wool ribbing cuffs, collar and waistband
  • Rip-stop nylon lining 
  • American-made Lenzip zipper 
  • Leather zipper pulls
  • 3 Exterior pockets
  • 2 Interior pockets with snap closure
  • Supersoft Quilt with military-inspired “dumbbell” stitch pattern 

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Monitaly MA-1 Flight Jacket


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