New Balance x Premier M998PRMR New Balance x Premier M998PRMR New Balance x Premier M998PRMR


New Balance


New Balance’s made in the USA line has found the perfect collaborative partner in Premier.  The Grand Rapids, Michigan based sneaker retailer draws on the state’s extensive automobile manufacturing heritage for their take on the M998. 

Detroit iron isn’t, predictably, a material that translates especially well into footwear, so Premier and New Balance had to get creative.  The black and tan colorway is meant to reference the black chassis and brass grill of an early 20th century automobile.  The suede upper brings to mind the leather interiors that were standard on many of these classic cars.  You don’t need to know about the Model-T and the automated assembly line to appreciate these shoes though.  Automotive manufacturing may be the inspiration, but the finished product is a stylish and contemporary runner. 

Don’t forget to look out for the key and miniature license plate that come attached to the shoe, because it’s the attention to small details that truly set apart the best of the best.

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