New Balance M998DSNG Camel Blue New Balance M998DSNG Camel Blue New Balance M998DSNG Camel Blue


New Balance


New Balance presents what is probably their most opulent made in the USA release yet. The 997 and 998 are given a major fashion overhaul. Premium leather, super soft pigskin suede, and twill are combined to give these performance running legends an elegant but casual feel.

The 997 sports a deep purple colorway accented by rich, brown leather, giving the impression of a veteran performer who has more than earned the opportunity to take a few laps in at a leisurely pace, and really appreciate the surroundings. The 998 retains a more traditionally athletic look, with shades of blue accented by silver. The brown leather that pops up on the 998 serves as a well placed counterbalance that shows off the made in the USA craftsmanship, while letting the original aesthetic of the shoe stand out.

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